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Product Focus this season: Pigment Lite Ultra

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drbonaplasticsurgery google classroom: Platelet Rich Plasma Matrix preps and uses

Google Class room
Platelet rich plasma matrix and  uses

Regn: $ 30

mail for pdf lesson:

drbonaplasticsurgery google classroom: Facial Contouring without Surgery

Google Classroom

Topic: Facial Conyouring without surgery

registration: $ 30

Fillers and Botox uses

drbonaplasticsurgery courses on google classroom : All about aesthetic botox

Welcome to google classroom

All about Aesthetic uses of Botox

Part 1 Common Uses of Botox
Part 2: Finer uses
Part 3: Advanced Uses
Venue: Google Classroom
Registration cost $30 only for full master class : contact
Details in mail

drbonaplasticsurgery courses available on google classroom by subscription

Welcome to this site!

Aesthetic Medicine Plastic Course GOOGLE CLASSROOM Bona Lotha MS(AIIMS N Del), Plastic & CF Taipei/Singapore, Board AAAM(USA) Board Certified Aesthetic Medicine AAAM Miami. Fla Founder and Plastic Surgeon for Yemen Smile Intl Plastic and Smile Train New York City programmes
1.Skin conditioning and skin types 2.Peels 3.Sun Protection 4.Botox and Fillers 5.Facial contouring with botox and fillers 6.Aesthetic Medspa concept and the spa business 7.Age Management concepts 8.Hormones and problems of deficiency 9.The human growth hormone 10.Dermnaseum and diet for a healthy you 11.Dark circles under eye and treatment options 12.Oxidative stress and role of antioxidants 13.Melesma and skin pigment problems 14.Taking care of scars 15.The problem of cellulite 16.Acne and rosacea 17.Basic concepts in formulations of gels and lotions and SLS free botanical soaps 18.Crafting chemical free, soft oil treatments and shampoo bar for healthy hair 19.Lasers,RF, IPLin aesthetics 20.D…

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Welcome to the Alabaster Aesthetic Project @ and

Welcome to the Alabaster Aesthetic Project @ and

Alabaster Project is a vocational training programme for rural community workers in India supported by us.

Please see the other blog posts for this project. The target is 1000 patients.

Our products 
1. aesthetic skin care and antiageing products of smilemakernyc

2. handcrafted soaps and aesthetic skin care lotions and gels of

For prices , you can mail us  at and

Pics of smilemakernyc products

Available in New York City, and parts of India
Handcrafted products for the time being only in India at
all exotic ingredients are from lotioncraft Seattle 

Indian brand selection under drbonaplasticsurgery
Upto 75 designs have been created  in India by the flounder and designer