Friday, November 29, 2013

Dermnasium Series 2: Gommage and other hi tech aesthetic products

We are dealers for NELLY DEVUYST aesthetic products in San Fernando Valley ,Los Angeles CA.

You can learn more about the advanced hi end skin care products by visiting us at ; please contact us for any questions at and we will be happy to answer your questions


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dermnasium Series 1: Introduction -the value of skin conditioning

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Aesthetic Solutions

Lake Balboa


Welcome to the "Dermnasium" or gymnasium for the skin. You have to work on your skin regularly to get good results,just as you work out in a gym regularly to look and feel good. The most satisfied persons in skin care solutions are those who work on looking good and maintain that good appearance with regular maintenance with well researched and non harmful skin care products. Skin aesthetic solutions do not happen overnight.

Healthy skin is smooth,properly hydrated and functions properly. Our goal in skin condtioning is to achieve a healthy skin ,speed up healing process,avoid complications,obtain faster and better results.
Skin conditioning targets the skin cells also known as keratinocytes,melanocytes,fibroblasts, as well as dermis vascularisation.

Our skin conditioning agents at Aesthetic Solutions affect both  the epidermis and dermis,for correction,stimulation,bleaching and blending.

The products we advocate in our company penetrate sufficiently,restore normal skin pH,and help you achieve the above desired objectives .

One of the visible benefits for many patients would be the lightening of hyperpigmentation,firming and improvement in over all quality of skin texture and appearance.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pilgrimage to Harvard Childrens Boston

It has been a year since my pilgrimage to Harvard Childrens Craniofacial Boston in 2012 when  legendary US Professor John Mulliken and his wife took us out to dinner at Longwood Avenue.During our conversation,his plastic surgeon wife gave us a copy of her magazine
 John mentioned to me that I should also practice aesthetic medicine.
I googled programmes in the US and signed up with the world's fastest growing aesthetic medicine Board Cert Programme started by Beverly Hills and Miami experts in Aesthetic Medicine,Prof Michel Delune of Beverly Hills CA and Prof Melvin Elson of Nashville ,Tenn and others.
It was a tough and demanding programme that lasted a whole year.
Today, I have been US Board Certified in Miami and Orlando Fla, after a difficult written exam and oral examinations for successful candidates.
Thanks to all my friends who made it happen.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beauty of Aesthetic Medicine in cleft solutions...

With the introduction of bi phasic fillers since the mid 2000s,the possibilities of non operative aesthetic improvement for facial deformities has become a reality today.
Using a combined approach of advanced orthodontics and biphasic fillers for facial correction,one could in the near future successfully correct several facial deformities,including problems of asymmetry and maxillary retrusion in cleft patients and nasal contour deformities.
The substances are generally not too expensive and many adult cleft and maxillofacial patients will be able to benefit from this latest advance in facial sculpting over the next decade.
Our company Aesthetic Solutions in LA,hopes to take cleft management to a new level in the near future by using advances in the aesthetic medical world.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Aesthetic Solutions , LA

Aesthetic Solutions LA

Coming Soon!

We are a new LLC company registered in CA , providing very good quality aesthetic skin care products from well known international cosmetic brands , as well as aesthetic spa items for aesthetic spas and salons

Aesthetic Solutions is your one-stop-shop for aesthetic products and spa items

1. The company provides solutions in aesthetic problems with skin care products and some misc items 

2. Provide services in the field of aesthetic spa products,medical and non invasive spa items, and generally what one needs to maintain that initial good experience 

3.All the items we will deal with are related to aesthetic treatments ,including the machines like oxygen readers, oxygen concentrators, sauna tents, stress relievers, skin massagers, derma rollers, skin cleaners,and oral supplements so that our clients can enjoy the total image and welness experience.