Friday, January 31, 2014

Dermnasium Series 32: Microneedling for rejuvenation,pigment and fine scars

Microneedling with the 0.3 to 1mm microneedles acts by creating tiny areas of injury on the skin which heals rapidly,leaving behind skin that is smoother and firmer.Collagen induction occurs as a result of the dermal injury and stimulation by this procedure. There is no significant advantage of the derma pen compared to the more cost effective micro derma roller.
It works in a similar fashion to the fractional laser by leaving normal areas of skin between the minute puncture marks.When the injured areas are re epithelialised,the scars become fainter and more supple and pigment areas also appear lighter. Some extend the use further by needling areas of baldness to stimulate and promote hair growth.However,this function is still being studied.
Microneedling works well in combination with other treatments like  microcrystal abrasion,light acid peels,and IPL.
Sometimes ,it can be useful for lower eye bags .Needling in this case,reduces the swelling and puffiness and also tightens the lower eyelid area.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dermnasium Series 31: Step 2 min home spa aesthetics

You can lie about your age and do nothing about it
You can choose to take action and let people think you are lying about your age.

I designed the smooth operator mini home spa programme for the fainthearted mostly (series 30). It will prepare your skin and condition it for stronger stuff later.
Aesthetic Regime- intensive and aggressive.. if one's aim is to reverse age!

What I use in aggressive aesthetic solutions after completing step one:

1. every 3 day intense alpha hydroxy acid peel 70% which burns quite a bit  but looks great in 3-4 days-this is followed after 4 minutes with pigment remover
2. on day 3  use another strong skin cell remover 50% lactic acid and japanese kojic acid to lighten pigments and make skin young and firm-the application is kept only for 30 secs and washed off.

After this ,rest for 3-4 days and treat other pigments with weekly application of LA 50%.The more stubborn areas of pigment can be treated with 30% salicylic acid which effectively removes pigments.However,when one uses Salicylic aide,the downtime is about 5-7 days because of the peeling that occurs within 2-3 days.The results are good and the skin looks years younger with great tone and feel.

Combine  with diet and exercise and see the difference in a few months.
1.very low carbohydrates
2.i prefer only brown rice,brown bread(wholeflour),antioxidants and some supplements.
3.small amounts sunflower or olive oil/ lots of veg and fruits/flax seeds,yogurt,oats
4.minus sugar,moderate protein in fish,white meat
5.leave the table feeling hungry.. eat about 30 -40 % less of what one normally eats and see the difference with exercise.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dermnasium Series 30: Smooth operator mini home spa kit

Smooth Operator Mini Home Spa
Designed in Queens, New York City Jan 2014

This new method of keeping one’s own skin youthful and clear is a useful and cost effective way of looking good and feeling good.

How smooth operator mini home spa kit works:
STEP  ONE : As one ages beyond the late twenties,the epidermal cell renewal period takes longer(8-12 weeks) and if one does not condition the skin,it appears lustreless and rough,with loss of tone.In what I call step one skin care,the skin is cleansed with gentle toners and cleansers to adjust skin pH(normal 5.5) .Next ,the dead cells are removed by using substances that exfoliate the skin.I like to start with a light combination of retin A gel 0.025% and 4%hydroquinone,which is a safe combination,used for many decades by plastic surgeons,without any harmful carcinogenic or other bad effects. This regime is used for 6 weeks.There will be some initial redness ,irritation and flaking for about 3-5 days with retin A gel but it will subside in a few days with moisturizers.Hydroquinone inhibits the melanocytes and  lightens pigmented areas.Fine wrinkles ,fine scars and dark spots become less obvious with the use of retin A gel.
 STEP TWO: After 6 weeks, take a break for about 3-4 days and add microcrystal treatment to your treatment.Your skin which is already well primed by retin A and hydroquinone will look and feel even better after this second step . One can also get great results using a simple method of skin abrasion which I call “palmabrasion:.The instructions are found in my kit. Use your usual sunblock regularly after every treatment session at home.
Enjoy your Smooth Operator Mini Home Spa kit .
PS: This  kit is a non invasive aesthetic solution to ageing skin.

Google: dr bonalotha 

Dermnasium Series 29:Love from Hollywood..Mission USA

Thanks all for care and support;the first three month round across Florida,LA,Penn state and NYC was very useful. Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine,Miami/Orlando Fla and now need to work and design newer innovations in aesthetic medicine.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dermnasium 28 : Recycled antiques?

As we get older, fine lines appear around the eyes and the rest of the  face.Pigment changes and hyperkeratotic changes occur ,the nasolabial folds become deeper,dark circles appear below the eyes and the skin loses its tone and lustre.
The good news is that with minimally invasive and very little downtime procedures,these changes can be taken care of in step one aesthetic refinement using light superficial peels,melanocyte inhibitors,moisturizers ,sunblocks,microneedling and microcrystal abrasion along with the use of vit C serum to stabilize dermal collagen and antioxidants to improve skin health.
If one follows this strict regime at an earlier age,it should be be too difficult to recycle oneself with a few other advanced options later like lasers,IPL and deeper peels.
Skin that is well conditioned and maintained in a healthy manner will be much easier to treat with more advanced care later,and will have less complications like post treatment hyperpigmentation .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dermnasium Series 27: Changing skin..changing lives

age renewal in progress.. recyling antiques and making works of art

Dermnasium Series 26 : Youthful skin aesthetics

As  skin ages,it will appear rougher,with more wrinkles.Colour changes  and signs of sun damage become more obvious.
Aesthetic Solutions medical clinics in Sana'a city have been addressing aesthetic medical and surgical problems (under a different name earlier)for many years now,with thousands of satisfied patients from different skin types and several cities around the world.
Starting with basic skin conditioning like gommage and exfoliating peels,needling,the medical aesthetic expertise includes all types of aesthetic medical and plastic surgical problems.For the time being,the work is limited to Sana'a city and India ,during visits.
You can mail your enquiries to me at:

Cleft sponsorships,including lip enhancements ,palates and nose jobs with or without implants(Tokyo) are done for free for all patients from developing nations under the charity programmes,along with Smile Train USA partnership for lip and palate.So far we have sponsored over a thousand patients for this.

Dermnasium Series 25: Have you Gommaged yet?

If you are in your late teens and early twenties,all you probably need are moisturizers and some exfoliants once in a while.As you cross your thirties,changes of ageing appear in the form of fine lines and pigment changes.
The skin renewal process takes longer in people over 30 years of age,about every 8-12 weeks and one would require exfoliants and light peels to renew the skin.
Gommage is an exfoliating cream that removes dead cells effectively,giving the skin its youthful lustre.
Along with gommage,one can also use light retin A gel and kojic acid with antioxidants to enhance the youthfulness of the skin.
It prepares the skin for further skin treatments with chemical peels and lasers and prevents unwanted complications.
Best results are seen in Type 1-3 Fitzpatricks.
Type 5-6,darker skin types also respond well to gommage and stimulators but take more time to show good results.
Aesthetic med and surgery consultations in Sana'a city starts from February -mail 

Dermnasium Series 24: Cleft surgery aesthetics

Cleft lip and palate surgery is all about aesthetic outcomes- looking good and speaking better
As an aesthetic med and surgery person, my main work revolves around this field of facial aesthetic and recon surgery
The focus is on getting better aesthetic outcomes in cleft lip and palate children using state of the art aesthetic advances

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dermnasium 23: The Grade 3 skin

Grade 3 skin type:

Fitzpatrick 4 skin type

age melanin spots,photodamaged areas of pigmentation,crows feet ,rough skin
forehead and brow expression lines

prominent corrugators.procerus, dark eye circles,prominent naso labial folds

sun damage,hyperkeratosis,pigment changes

all the following aesthetic skin products are good for this grade: the plant products are safe for all skin types

  •  fine line fully developed
  • wrinkles in expression areas( treat with botox/fillers later session)
  • deepening of NLF
  • hyperkeratotic areas
  • loss of firmness and elasticity of neck,lower face,eye,forehead

Dermasium advice:
  • need  regular exfoliation
  • superficial chemical peels 6times twice a year,low %TCA,antioxidants and dermal building ingredients
  • exfoliating cleanser in mornings,antioxidants every evening
  • peptides,AHAs for cell turnover/AHAs and retinols for 2-4 wks,lightening product,eye area-DNA repair products
  • more moisturizing needed

Dermnasium Series 22 :Grade zero skin types-gommage and cleansers

Grade Zero,- flawless ,very firm,even tone,elastic,well textured “baby butt face”,mainly in teens
 Dermasium Advice:
1.      Prevention of future skin damage with vitamin C serum,moisturizers and antioxidants
2.      Home care- cleansers to get a good skin pH near 5.5(normal)
3.      Light exfoliation using plant products
4.      Use gentle facial scrubs to normalize keratin,allowing penetration of ingredients


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hope for cleft children 2014

Message from the NY Smile Train : 2014

pic: Nasser Saleh,a child labourer i picked up from the streets of Sana for cleft lip surgery

Dear Smile Train Partners,

As we welcome the New Year, I want to take this moment to thank each of you for dedicating your time, expertise and compassion to the Smile Train Family and our shared cause of enabling high-quality cleft care for children in need.

Our vision, that every child born with a cleft anywhere in the world should have the opportunity for a full, productive life, is well underway thanks to the hard work of each of you, all year round. 2013 resulted in a growing Smile Train Family across five continents, more than 2,000 medical professionals from partner hospitals sharing knowledge while participating in training events, and celebrating our highest number of annual surgeries to date: more than 127,000 new smiles.  As you know best, there is so much more to do to reach every child in need of cleft care in the most remote parts of the world. Toward this goal, it is exciting to know that in the coming year, with your hard work, Smile Train will mark 15 years and 1,000,000 smiles. 

Cheers to all of you this New Years and thank you for all you do for Smile Train and the children with clefts in your communities.  We are honored to be partnering with you and your teams.

All my best,

Susannah Schaefer
Chief Executive Officer