Friday, February 28, 2014

Dermnasium 37:Smiles and smiles to go..

This season the US Smile Train will cross one million smiles
Always encouraging to know  plastic surgery friends and others across the world are involved in this great mission to underprivileged cleft kids for whom we have been working,designing improved techniques,and teaching over the last 15 years

More power to this great New York City mission to the world!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dermnasium Series 36: Safe microneedling using 0.3mm-1mm microneedles for rejuvenation and scars

Home care spa items include microderma rollers with needle sizes ranging from 0.3mm-1mm ;these needles are safe and easy to use and give fairly good results to scar reduction and fine wrinkle correction as well as superficial acne scars.
Combined with other modalities of treatment like superficial acid peels and microcrystal abrasion,the results are good over the long term.
I usually use a combination of skin conditioning,superficial AHA peels,melanocyte inhibitors and micro dermarollers for my clients.The result so far are encouraging and the techniques used are suitable for all skin types,from Type 1-6 Fitzpatrick skin types.
The downtime is minimal with some redness for 24 to 48 hours.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dermnasium Series 35: Plastic Missions to cleft children

Apart from the usual aesthetic and recon surgery that I love to perform,one of my mission interests is in cleft lip and palate research. The needs are great and I try to make a difference in some Yemeni lives by helping those who need this surgery but are unable to afford the costs.
This week we have over 60 cleft patients registered for surgery, as well as 15 cleft children in another city. The work is  labour intensive,but it does feel good to see  them smiling again.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dermnasium Series 34: All skin types


Your own mini home spa:
  • safe and easy skin conditioning programme in the privacy of your own home
  • using safe ,low % superficial acid peels for exfoliation,*retin A gel,bleaching agents,
  • microneedling in a safe way
  • maintaining your youthful appearance with micropolishing, microcurrent therapy,LED masks,SPF,toners and moisturizers
  • lightening dark circles around the eye
  • improving the appearance of acne scars
  • lessening the appearance of your wrinkles the easy way
  • adding pentapeptides ,gommage and cellular matrix to your home spa 

Smooth Operator
Designed in Queens, New York City Jan2014 : Palmabrasion
This new method of keeping one’s own skin youthful and clear is a useful and cost effective way of looking good and feeling good. How smooth operator mini home spa kit works: Using a simple method of skin exfoliation which I call “palmabrasion:.The instructions are found in my kit. You can do this about 3 times a month and have smooth skin .Use your usual sunblock regularly after every treatment session at home. Enjoy your Smooth Operator Mini Home Spa kit . 
PS: This  kit is a non invasive aesthetic solution to ageing skin.The microcrystals (manufactured by Merck,Germany) are made of aluminium oxide and are safe,non carcinogenic without any side effect. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dermnasium Series 33: Aesthetic Medspa services Sana'a 2014

Sana'a Aesthetic Medspa Services

Aesthetic Solutions  is a California based LLC dealing with aesthetic medical and spa  products for personal welness and beauty



1. Gunaid Hospital Hadda : Only for laser removal of skin tags,warts and invasive procedures,including cosmetic surgery  tel: 01-424765 .Please call the receptionist and ask for an appointment with Dr.Bona Lotha

2. Mini office aesthetic spa services are available in my office mini spa room,only for non invasive and minimally invasive procedures .This includes-
a. Nelly de Vuyst skin conditioning procedures
b. Superficial acid peels using alpha hydroxy acids and skin lightening of spots and blemishes
c. treatment of acne and acne scar problems
d. treatment of  redness,rosacea with Nelly de Vuyst products
e. Modified MIAMI salicylic acid peel for acne scars and melaesma and pigmented spots
f.treatment with peels for sun damaged skin and fine wrinkles
g. Facial skin rejuvenation with Lactic acid and kojic acid (Japanese tech)
h. TCA peels for moderate wrinkles;please note that skin needs to be conditioned for at least 6 weeks prior to this;also the downtime for this peel will be at least 7-10 days with lots of scabbing and oozing.You will need to use astringents and avoid the sun for at least 3 weeks.Recommended only for those who want to pay this price for very good after results.
Not suitable for darker skin types 4-6. Suggest instead the other peels.
i.microneedling for acne scars and fine wrinkles and pigment along with application of rejuvenating serums for collagen stimulation and collagen stability.
j. The popular 3 minute gommage exfoliation for your skin to improve the condition of your skin and add more color!

For IPL, Lasers removal,PRPM and fat grafting to improve facial appearance ,please mail me 

Please e mail me first if you need this service so that I can give you map directions to my office in Hadda Madina,Sana'a.
Consultations only by prior appointment. My mail :

Thanks and wishing you a great aesthetic year,
Bona Lotha
Board Certified
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,Miami Florida