Friday, November 21, 2014

Double whammy peel? Do not try this at home,please!

We are always in the business of reinventing ourselves as aesthetic medicine folks. Sometimes, what a seasoned veteran shares with us publicly is held in reverence and awe, because he insists that the results are ELEGANT.

But let's just step back for a few minutes and dissect this thing called elegance, following a treatment session with chemodermabrasion using an old fashioned (and arguably, obsolete) 25,000 rpm diamond fraise dermabrader followed by TCA 15-30% application.
I ,for one ,am not comfortable with the diamond fraise,which I believe should be relegated to the shelves of aesthetic museums.It is just too traumatic ,albeit a low cost alternative to costlier skin abrasion methods using hydrofacials and fraxel lasers.
TCA 30% is not a pleasant peel for first timers. You will be out of commission and forced to hibernate for at least 7 days following this aggressive peel,also known in the past as the Blue Obagi peel(blue dye + 30% TCA). It will cause a significant amount of scabbing,oozing,scabbing for at least 5-7 days.
Are you prepared to pay such a price, to look ELEGANT?

On the flip side, I have to say that TCA 30% can give you some amazing post peel results. I reinvented the wheel and tried my fortune with a neo concept which I call chemopalmabrasion.
I tried this on myself using only a gentle one layer peel after microcrystal palmabrasion,mentioned in my earlier blogs.
The results in the first 4-5 days? Significant scabbing, a bit of oozing,and scabbing under my eye bags and lateral forehead,nose and cheek. This necessitated hibernation for 3-5 days,lots of moisturisers and sunblock.
The greatest temptation is to pick on the loose SCABS.Advice-do not TOUCH.Let them fall off on their own to prevent complications. Lots of sunblock to prevent post treatment pigmentation.

So much about the double whammy peel. But rest assured, this does make one get that ELEGANT look after the first 5-7 days. I did it for myself because I am staying indoors with some office work this month. Otherwise, I would suggest the milder LA peel after abrasion.

Pics : day one to day 5
day 2 peeling and scabbing (under eye,forehead)

pic: below,changes on day five after scabs fall off and peeling lessens
scabs fallen off day 5

 day 5 result 

video on day 6

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