Monday, December 8, 2014

Beauty and the beast: Challenges in aesthetic clinics

*Challenges in aesthetic clinics:

1. unrealistic expectations
2. obsessive compulsive behaviour
3.whims and fancies
4.indecisive patients
6.over flattery
7.overly familiar
8.unkempt patient
9.imagined deformity
10.careless historian
11.VIP patient
12.uncooperative patient
13.overly talkative
14.plastic surgeon shopper
16.plastic surgicoholic
17.price haggler
18.patient involved in litigation
19.patient you or your staff dislike

"better safe than sorry"
the worst nightmare for any plastic surgeon is to have a once friendly,chatty patient who wants the money back later even if a procedure is done accurately without complications,all because the patient wants more!

read: Tardy ME Face lift variations; Dermatology Surgery,NY 1988,p 1249

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