Monday, December 8, 2014

Fillers vs PRPM face lift?

With an increasing number of  men and women in their early thirties to forties opting for minimal down time,minimally invasive facial rejuvenation ,the number of patients lining up for PRPM facial rejuvenation using micro needles is on the rise.But it is not a completely painless procedure.One can expect some discomfort,depending on the pain threshold.
It is not difficult for a good aesthetic physician to separate the platelet rich plasma from about 8 ml of the patients own blood; used alone, or with a matrix former like calcium chloride,the results are obvious in a few days time and get better over the next few weeks.
You can expect the effects to remain for about a year.A revisit and re injection is usually necessary after a year.Patient selection is important-those with more advanced wrinkles would do better with a proper facelift.
Autologous filler materials always have an advantage over commercial fillers because there is no reaction to one's own tissue. This is not to say that HLA fillers are inferior.Cross linked HLA can give very good results and last for up to one year. The aesthetic physician should be well trained at a reputable institute and not work on one's own.
The advantages of using PRPM are manifold,promoting new collagen formation and wound healing among a few.This is what makes the face look a lot younger in a few weeks time.

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