Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Training sessions :Aesthetic Rhinoplasty in cleft nose deformities

Aesthetic rhinoplasty in cleft lip patients is a challenge even for the most experienced aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeon, because of the distorted anatomy

Observations in most cleft patients:
Bulbous tip
Deformed right ala cartilage
Drooping tip
Bulky nose
Loss of columella support
Caudal septal deviation to the left
Loss of nasolabial angle



Plan of treatment:
Correction of bulbous tip with interdomal sutures
Augmentation of nose and columella support with a cartilage/silicon implant
Tip graft with conchal cartilage
Debulking fibrofatty tissue of the nose
Resection of the caudal septum and after scoring it ,use it as an overlay graft for the right ala cartilage
Augment the deficient upper lip with posterior auricular fascia to improve the naso labial angle

after a conchal graft rhinoplasty

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