Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Training sessions:Some useful tips in unilateral cleft lip repair

•The Cupid’s bow is pulled up and the edge of
• the cleft lip is often thinned out because of the
• vermillion deficiency
•The orbicularis oris muscle in the lateral lip element ends upward at the margin of thecleft to insert into the alar wing.
•There are fibrous adhesions under the mucosa. The musculature between the philtral midline and the cleft is hypoplastic
•The philtrum is short and the ala cartilage on the cleft side is deformed .Two-thirds of the Cupid’s bow, one philtral column, and a dimple hollow are preserved
•The inferior edge of the septum is dislocated
•out of the vomer groove and presents with
•the nasal spine in the floor of the normal
•1. Bring the Cupid’s bow to a more horizontal level
•2. Make both sides of the lip equal in size and length
•3. Exact placement of the stitch on the white roll
•4. Correct the alar defect as much as possible
•5. Eliminate the lip notch by a Z
•plasty/triangular mucosal flap after approximating the orbicularis marginalis area.

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