Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Waiting for a miracle smile 2015

Just returned from a short trip overseas, where some friends who had heard about our smile work presented some  of the smile needs in a remote region of Myanmar where there are no roads,no power or water supply.
The only mode of transportation in those impoverished areas are old Chinese made motorbikes which ferry people across villages,at an exorbitant cost.
There are several cleft lip and palate children in those regions ,and most have to live with their deformities for life, because they do not even know that treatments are available for free.
The task of transporting such underprivileged cleft patients will be a mammoth challenge ,because there are no roads.
2015 presents itself with newer frontiers and challenges.There are many requests and enquiries from developing regions where cleft children live in isolation and shame.
The smiles must go on and on...till every cleft child is smiling again

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