Friday, February 20, 2015

Therapeutic Aesthetics-LA treatment for stubborn dandruff

I have been using strong concentrations of lactic acid(upto 50%) to treat my own stubborn dandruff over the last few months.The initial reaction is some stinging and irritation over the treated area and the scalp hyper keratoses peels over the next week or two.
In cases of stubborn dandruff,i use this application every ten days. There has been significant improvement with less dandruff over two to three applications. This ongoing trial will need another 6-9 months to observe the benefits of lactic acid treatment for dandruff.

pic: lots of patience needed for stubborn dandruff-but worthwhile results with LA

pic: peeling and scaling with LA

pic: some improvement with 2 treatments-several needed for better results

pic: some redness of the scalp following LA but it subsides over a few minutes

Chronic dandruff needs treatment over several months to get best results;my own condition has resolved significantly but i still have to maintain the effects by using twice a month applications of LA

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lumina Gel - Image enhancement with LA and various extracts

We have successfully conducted several clinical trials of lactic acid in different strengths.The benefits are obvious for the compliant client with realistic expectations. The skin looks more youthful and rejuvenated with a brighter appearance.

Image enhancement with low down time and minimal discomfort is one of the advantages of lactic acid over many other superficial peels. It is suitable for all skin types,from the dark to the very light skinned.

This season, I will be launching one newer version of the lactic acid gel peel in NYC  through a reputable US manufacturer.

 Name of brand: Lumina Gel

type: 30% Lactic Acid gel with bearberry extracts,kojic acid,licorice

 Label info:  LA - a very safe superficial peel with very little downtime,stimulates collagen production, along with kojic  acid etc..lightens pigment,improves tone and texture,decreases fine lines,and also plumps the skin,
I also find it useful for dandruff treatment ;it is useful for seborrheic keratosis
LA increases skin sensitivity to the sun, so use SPF 30 daily
For best benefits,please read my advice on peels,LA and others at Mini Home Spa on my blogsite (over 475,000 views) .You can contact me at my website for any queries and I will be happy to help you.
Not recommended for those with unrealistic expectations, pregnancy,HIV,active infections,keloids,Sexually Transmitted Disease(herpes simplex),those on chemotherapy.
How to use:
1. Cleanse the skin
 2. Avoiding your eyes,apply a light  amount and let it remain on your skin for about one 1-2 minutes and wash thoroughly with cold water.You will experience some tingling and burning sensation.This is temporary and will subside a few minutes after you wash your face with cold water. 
2.Use only once in 2 weeks; speak to your GP if you have extra sensitive skin.
3.Apply SPF 30 twice a day  . 

You will see marked improvement in your skin within the first two weeks.  

note: Store the bottle in a cool,dry place.