Saturday, March 28, 2015

Keeping your aesthetic treatments affordable and easy to use

The mini home spa series of our aesthetic treatments includes some collagen stimulating treatments which are easy to use and affordable for every client.
The long term results are comparable to more expensive methods of treatment and ,used correctly,one can expect significant benefits.
There are several ways one can benefit from this type of treatment:

1. significant improvement of acne and scars over a few months time
2. decrease in the number of fine lines and wrinkles
3. improvement in tone and texture of the skin
4. plumper and more youthful skin
5.clearer complexion
6.decrease in hyperpigmentation(melesma,age spots,sun damage spots)
7.well moisturized and healthier skin

The products we suggest will be affordable for all and last as long as 6-7 months for the microcrystal pack with peel and a few months for the microneedles ;the electro derma pen can be use longer with regular change of the needles every 4-5 months

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini Home Spa Series-smooth operator kit

Mini Home Spa 

Instructions on how to use the mini home spa smooth operator kit


avoid in very sensitive skin
use lots of sunblock SPF30 twice a day

you will see some fine results in about a week

Sunday, March 15, 2015

MABES? Prime time male aesthetics@Smilemaker,NYC LLC

The aesthetic world around us is changing by the hour;no longer are people focused only on aesthetic babes
Welcome to the euphemistic MABES-the male aesthetic made-over sensation  or quite literally, Male Aesthetic Body Enhancement Series :-)  we are talking mostly collagen and HA here . Changing face through makeovers.
 time for a makeover then...

One of SmilemakerNYC,LLC's commitments is to make that extra oomph happen for all our male aesthetic-made over hopefuls. Who says men can't look and feel good as well?
Some disgruntled conservatives may frown upon this "quest for vanity" but thankfully,that number is a small minority these days when the aesthetic landscape has already encompassed humankind and no longer caters only  to the pinky.
The MABE range would include similar aesthetic ,minimally invasives as for their diametrically opposite images.
Time then for the MABE to turn the tide and change the atmosphere. More later even as we spend many hours working on this make good-look good-feel better  neglected species from Mars.
With the whole range of affordable items like dermal planers,fortified lactic acid gel peels,dual MABE gommage,smooth operator kits,dermarollers,electro dermapens and the like, one can only expect to look good today and even better tomorrow.
Bon chance .. it's now time for MABE

always something to smile about

Saturday, March 14, 2015

VIBGYOR..The color of your skin@SmilemakerNYC,LLC

I am not an aesthetic plastic diplomat nor am I am one to advocate political correctness in my field of aesthetics,which is deemed a necessary evil by some.
When it comes to my aesthetic clients, I do not have any preferences nor do I like to serve my wares on silver platters to some and on cheap paper plates to others . For me ,like it or not,I believe in treating all the same,irrespective of race,color,creed or status. It is like my guitar- I can't change the tune of You've got a friend ,whether I am playing at a homeless shelter in Topanga Canyon or to rich Singaporean pubhouses with friends. Likewise,with my aesthetic work in missions or in paying zones.
When a poor client in my mission trips comes for aesthetic help I give the same standardized care as I would to myself or my closest pals. No difference in treatments and as a result the results are uniform throughout my practice as an aesthetic med and plastic consultant.

Our brand of aesthetic items that will display in our SmilemakerNYC,LLC is gonna be in the likes of VIBYOR.It is for all skin types and will benefit all skin types.My clients range from the blond blue eyes Type 1 Fitzpatrick who never tans to darker skin types from all races and countries who face pigmentation problems regularly with some aesthetic treatments. Our range is safe for all skin types.
Also,I do not believe that day to day aesthetic makeovers should make you become poorer or even land you in debt.
SmilemakerNYC,LLC will deal mostly with affordable aesthetics and with each item the buyer will get detailed info from my blogs so that the benefits are real and life transforming over time.
We look forward to helping all of you who descend on our turf..Welcome to VIBYOR and "all things aesthetic!"

always something to smile about...

Cyber Aesthetic Consultant@SmilemakerNYC,LLC

With the growing numbers of viewers every week for my aesthetic and smile blogs, many have been asking for advice re  minimally invasive treatments and buying some of our products.At present, I am busy with my smile assignments and am able to see some aesthetic clients now and then but will be happy to be a sort of cyber aesthetic consultant for those who want to use our range of SmilemakerNYC designer brands.
We are still in the process of working out the procedures and plan for treatments and should be ready soon.In the meanwhile,please continue to get updates from and
Most of our products will be launched from the range mentioned in my blogs;by reading them you will be able to understand how they work and what outcomes you could expect from their proper use.
As for other queries,I am happy to explain to buyers how to use the  items and gadgets we will be selling both online and through direct contacts-items like peels,dermarollers,dermapens and skin care and conditioning items.

Thanks for the views and comments;the blogspot views have crossed several hundred thousand  across the universe since Sept 2012.


Always something to smile about ..

Last night I got a call from our Smile Logistics Centre that six cleft patients had travelled hundreds of miles on a mini bus to get to our centre;they reached our unit at 10pm after a long an tiring journey. After a good night's rest at the Smile Centre @Gunaid Hospital Hadda,the group was sent to the local examination centre for lab tests and Chest Xrays.All of them were excited that they would look good today and they were all smiling because they knew they would come out looking different !
Our team of nurses and anesthetist worked the whole day to make sure that all of them would look different immediately after the surgery.
Here is their line up for the photoshoot
It has been a hectic season ever since we launched this Smile Centre for all across the a working period of 8 days alone we have operated 51 patients of which 6 were plastic surgery patients;the rest were cleft patients.

"always something to smile about"

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ferrying cleft children across the miles for more smiles @Smile Train

With  increasing numbers of cleft children and their families unable to get help in their own regions ,either because of conflict or financial problems, many children are now being ferried to our smile zone in Sana'a where they can get completely free services with the help of our dear friend Abu Al Rejal.
The Smile Train NYC has so far helped over 1371 children with free smiles across the nation and many continue to request help for their children.

The Smile Logistics Centre makes sure no cleft child is left behind to suffer shame and humiliation. Smile Logistics is a venture between Smilemaker NYC,LLC and  Abu Al Rejal Group to make sure all smile children under the Smile Train get help wherever they may be. Our main role is to help with transport,some basic investigations,equipment and even some essential drugs.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nutritional Aesthetics- what kind of pear do you want?

pic 1: no exercise and careless diet -chest smaller than belly

Pear Body Blues
"Baby you lookin' like a pear hanging on a tree
But my eyes sure don't like what they see"

pic 2: the aerobic -diet pear look -tummy much smaller than chest

moral:" know you've lost your marbles if u r a diabetic feastin on frappuccino and dunkin doughnuts"

hey, i lost 10 lbs! but my CT scan now shows i also lost 30% muscle mass cos i diet but only as a couch potato. I need more of that aerobics stuff  to reverse this!

Nutritional Aesthetics is all about work and proper calorie intake.There are no short cuts in this look good and feel good programme.

Your energy requirements in calories(BEE) (eg a 70kg adult) : using the HB equation

Men : 665 + 13.8 (multiply by weight) + 5.0 (multiply by height in cm) - 6.8 (multiply by age)

Women: 655.1 +  9.6(into weight) + 1.9(into height/cm) -4.7 (into age)

If you exercise regilarly multiply your calorie intake by 1.2 to 1,5  (depending on amount of activity)

Your intake requirements: ( ADA recommended)-

1.  Protein  0.8 -1 gm/kg body weight  so a 70kg adult needs about  70gm a day

2. Fats- approx 30% of your daily calorie needs (intake)
so if you need 1600 cal a day,then intake of fat should be 30% of that or 480 cal
I gm of fat =9 calories so that is 480/9 =53gm a day

3. Carbs -1 gm carb= 4 cal
45-65 % of your daily calories come from carbs.
so if you need about 2000 cal a day ,you will need about 1200 cal from carb sources( fruits,veg,grains,milk) that is approc  300  gm

I follow this simple formula  to keep my weight at about 69-70 kgs (-150lbs)  for a height of 178cm (5ft 10in) (staying slim)
moderate intake of proteins,decreased carbs,very low fats and sugar, and some good aerobics can get your pear back in the right direction!

and when i want to decrease my weight, i reduce my intake by approx 25-30% and do regular aerobic for me , but opinions will vary ,depending on what one wants.This is just a simpler suggestion and not a golden rule.
picture perfect

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reconditioned beauty-the chrysalis stage of preps before the glow

A lot of you have been following my blogs regularly(views-hundreds of thousands);several have asked me how to go about it.I mean how to get that oomph with all the aesthetic goodies ,mentioned in these blogs.

My advice to beginners is the same for all(including myself): Start with SKIN conditioning before you go on to the next level of beauty therapy.

Steps of conditioning:  in the past , hydroquinone was added but it is not a popular medicine these days because of the concerns raised by some( carcinogenic in rats,and onchronosis in darker skin types- dark blue purple reaction of dark skin);there are better alternatives to hydroquinone which can be used after conditioning with retin A alone.

1. Cleanse your skin with cleansing milk and toners daily
2. Apply a thin layer of RETIN A gel 0.025 %(Switzlerland)  Percentage not higher than this- after an hour ,apply moisturizer over the area(avoid eye areas) and WASH off only the next morning and use SPF30 sunblock twice a day.Remember that at SPF30,   the sunblock has reached it's maximum protection capacity-it will be 91% effective in blocking the rays.Higher SPF will do the same will be 91 % effective, and you will only pay more money,without added benefits.

Do this twice a week for the next two months.

2. your skin will flake over the next 2-3 days;you will experience some slight burning sensation which is expected,and there will be some redness. Use moisturizer daily

After 6 weeks, you can stop the treatment for about 3-4 days before we start using the lactic acid preps on your skin.