Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lightening facial skin scars ,sun spots,age spots and acne related hyperpigmentation

Our product New Visage 30% Lactic acid gel with skin lighteners has several advantages.It is not only for facial skin rejuvenation and scar reduction. It also acts as a moisturizer and tyrosinase inhibitor.Using it along with 30% Salicylic Acid  ensures very good results for all skin types 1-6 FP.

The tyrosinse inhibitors which prevent the formation of melanin,the cause for your dark spots, are lactic acid, along with bearberry extract,licorice which prevent melanin formation and thus lighten the dark spots and the skin.

I use this regime regularly on my own skin as well as on my clients who have shown marked improvement over  a few months.

To further enhance the effects of the New Visage,I follow up with regular use of lighteners like reservatol,kojic acid,licorice along with green tea extract. The overall results are impressive,and do not cost much.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Acne prelim solutions using New Visage

Our new product New Visage which includes a combination of 30% lactic acid and skin lighteners is also useful for acne,decreasing superficial scars and comedones.
Lactic acid has an added advantage of reducing and lightening post acne pigmentation and also has skin hydrating properties.
It can be used as a prelim treatment for acne and later on,salicylic acids gel 30% takes care of the scars in a more effective way. Our product Acne Solutions with 30% SA and lighteners is an innovative combo for acne treatment. For cystic acne it is better to see a specialist dermatologist for the usual medical treatment ;later on the peels can improve results significantly.
I have found Lactic acid and Salicylic acid combos a very useful treatment option for acne.

In my treatment options I usually do the lactic acid treatment and follow up with skin lighteners and regular sunblock. The results are encouraging.I also add microneedling for the scars.

I recommend lactic acid peels every ten-fourteen days to prevent the skin from getting too sensitive to the sun. The response will be elegant and patient satisfaction high as a result.
Some use lactic acid indiscriminately every 5 -6 days with side effects like increased redness and soreness in the sun.It should not be done this way. Self treatment without specialist advice is a very bad idea and has long term harmful consequences.

The acids are good for all skin types ranging from Type 1-Type 6 Fitzpatrick.

Monday, April 27, 2015 beginnings LLC

All things aesthetic...beginnings of our LLC SmilemakerNYC here in NYC and CT New Haven with some dear folks who are motivated and willing
Looking forward to leaving our mark in the aesthetic universe soon
As you follow my blogs,you will be updated on what is new in the  aesthetic world.

You feel good when you look good!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baby Butt Face? Rules of engagement in Age Reversal

Turning back the “face-clock” with minimally invasive facial sculpting


1. Be 100% sure of your anatomy before you inject botox or fillers!
2. Better to undercorrect with fillers,especially in the tear trough or cheek area in order to avoid those "hey,doc you made me look lumpy and bumpy after restylane!"

After  nearly fifteen years in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face ,I realise that more and more plastic surgeons are going to have to shift gears and venture into the exciting new world of aesthetic medicine which uses minimally and non invasive methods of facial rejuvenation. The business is not only less labour intensive, but also has better predictable results and can turn out to be a lucrative proposition in the long term.But I for one,am not buying into all that hype about vampire facelifts with PRPM and that kind of stuff because first of all,it has to be evidence based and not just a feel good experience that costs over a thousand dollars for less than half an hour's work.
The days of the Japanese doll eye look and Jane Fonda stretched plastic facies are long over and most patients know exactly what they would like have changed or modified. One word of caution however, for all those involved in this art of aesthetic practice. You are bound to come across the occasional metro sexual type A, or Angelina Monroe Wannebee who may want a picture perfect outcome. A detailed pre treatment consult, several digital images before and after the treatment and additional informed consent would solve the headaches in most cases. I personally, am non confrontational and would  prefer not to refer such troublesome patients to doctors who are not always kind to me, or my colleagues in practice.
Imagine the many benefits of not going under the surgeon’s knife but instead walking out of the clinic the same day looking like a hot momma or a 64 to 46 mischievous granny X!
Botox can lift the lateral brow by specifically placed minute injections of the neuromodulator, giving the model like female arched eyebrow. There you have it, a pleasant eyebrow raising experience and very little or no discomfort. Perpetual frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines on the nose, crow’s feet all taken care of by a few injections. Did you say you wanted your slightly droopy nasal tip lifted? Aha, just a teeny amount of Botox fixes the problem and soon you are going to have a nose tip lift without all the blood and guts!
Okay, let’s move onto the lower face and see what else .Your nasolabial folds,perioral wrinkles, and those aggressive lip depressor muscles that pull your lips down and make you look sad even when you are happy.That gummy smile is easily fixed with a small dose  of botox injected at a few spots under your nose. An unfortunate Kirk Douglas chin cleft can also be treated with a carefully placed dose of Botox into the mentalis muscle of the chin. You are now ready to rock and roll.Inhale.Now exhale slowly. Spell Angelina Marilyn Monroe minus one backwards.The transformation is happening,even in the recesses of your mind.
The next step for us is to fine tune your face with temporary fillers which contain a very safe substance called hyaluronic acid which absorbs water on injection and takes care of volume loss .It also reshapes your lips, malar region,tear trough and parts of the nasal bridge. Your lip volume looks a lot better with this filler and if you want that madame diabolique Parisian,“voulez vous?” pout, a little amount is placed at specific points on your Cupid’s bow and sniffle ridges.Hello, Marylin minus one Monroe! But we are getting there, not to worry. The loss of volume in your cheeks is corrected easily with the filler after we trace the apex of your cheek  using some specific,time tested landmarks.This ensures a symmetrical result.
Ok, you look beautiful now but you say you have had some acne scars for many years which you are worried about even after several fraxel laser treatments? Easily taken care of with a small needle called a Nokor needle which is used to break the fibrous bands under those scars and the space filled with platelet rich  plasma which takes care of the problem.Smaller scars are easily treated with micro needling and PRPM. PRP treatment is one of the hottest trends in aesthetic medicine today and is being increasing and successfully used in the treatment of scars.
The good news is that Botox and fillers can also be used to take care of the neck and those crinkly lines above the breast.
Take a good look at yourself  in the mirror today. Go out and paint the town red with your friends tomorrow.
Sorry granny, if your wrinkles are severe and there is too much skin sag, I prefer to do a mini incision facelift to take care of the problem.A minute amount of botox is injected along the scar line to make the scar inconspicuous. Forget Russian roulette. You will look even better after we continue the works with botox, fillers and even some chemical peels plus laser touch ups.You will look a lot younger as a result.It will only take a few more sessions. Rules of engagement in the ageing process.Nothing more.
May you stay forever young, at heart. Bon chance!
Note: I believe that futuristic aesthetic cleft touch up procedures will include some variations on a theme of this repertoire. As the adult cleft lip patient goes through the ageing process,the addition of minimally invasive facial sculpting will greatly enhance the person’s self esteem and make that person more confident in general. A type of wholistic approach to aesthetic cleft management in the long term.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Visage Peel

Our introductory brand of peels includes  New Visage which is an innovative peel fortified with skin lighteners,and is safe,easy to use.

LA 30% gel
 A very safe superficial peel with very little downtime,
stimulates collagen production,
along with other tyrosinase inhibitors,
lightens pigment,improves tone and texture,

decreases fine lines,and also plumps the skin
LA increases skin sensitivity to the sun, so use SPF 30 daily on a regular basis
How to use:
1. Cleanse the skin
 2. Avoiding your eyes, apply a light  amount evenly over your face and let it remain on your skin for about one 1-2 minutes.
Wash thoroughly with cold water.You will experience some tingling and burning sensation.This is temporary and will subside a few minutes after you wash your face with cold water. 
2.Use only once in 2 weeks; speak to your GP if you have extra sensitive skin.
3.Apply SPF 30 twice a day  . 

For best benefits,please read my advice on peels at my blogsite

Friday, April 24, 2015

Smilemaker...the designer hybrid guitar in NYC

Some of you have asked me to do a demo on my custom designed hybrid which i made last December

here is what the classical jazz tele hybrid sounds like in this short demo:-)
the hybrid was hand crafted in Shandong by some fender experts
BTW it was because of this hybrid that i got the idea to launch this SmilemakerNYC, LLC
..anything can happen these days..if you wanna let it happen :-)


A touch of spring in your aesthetic life

SmilemakerNYC is all about aesthetics for the masses.In other words,it is affordable,elegant and will change lives for a very,very long time.
Dermaesthetics is a term coined by our team to help clients play according to the rules,which are simple and easy to follow and provide satisfactory aesthetic outcomes.
A non compliant person is not not going to benefit from our products because it takes time and effort to look good and feel good.
So as you enjoy spring in NYC and elsewhere, we hope the aesthetic products we launch will help you achieve some of your aesthetic dreams.
Bon chance! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Springtime in New York City...moving on to better things

Springtime is here in New York city.The city is full of life and  beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere. What a change from the past few weeks of terror and bombings in the troubled middle east where so many are dying and desperate.
Our work in Sana will remain closed for now and it may take a long time for any sustainable project to come up again after the season's carnage and lawlessness across the region.
Our team here is busy moving on to the aesthetic business world,designing and ordering many new items which will be featured soon in SmilemakerNYC. We are so glad things are happening here for us and that we can have something exciting to keep us busy and occupied for a long time.
The aesthetic world is exciting and you can look forward to many new additions to our repertoire over the next few months and years.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The beauty and luxury of looking and feeling fine

A well prepared aesthetic treatment plan for your facial rejuvenation programme can have immense  benefits which are affordable and long lasting,over the years. You will not only see the improvement from the first week onwards but will also note a change in your self confidence,often from low to medium to a satisfactory high.
Not all can afford or even require that extreme makeover; most of my clients are in the mid range where minimally invasive procedures can take years off an ageing or sun damaged face,neck and hands.
The golden rule then is condition- repair-rejuvenate and maintain regularly,repeating the cycle of rejuvenation every month fr best benefits.
The longer one uses the programme,the less one needs later.
Less, then is MORE.

Beyond the sea... somewhere beyond lies a dream

Here I am waiting to board a plane to a land that's  been kind to me over the years.The old dream I had designed became a realty for thousands. Today , I have designed  a new dream that's  different .And leading along another path

I look back. It looks like so long ago when I  completed an impossible  smile mission for 1490 cleft kids in approximately  346 operating days spread over a war torn period of five years in a disintegrating Arab world nation ,  surrounded by super rich and powerful  big brothers who could have rewritten history if they really wanted to. 
Sadly,they did not take that chance when they could have and will only live to regret their actions on a poor  Muslim  brother  nation ,  who were not in their league.

Pic:Scottish anti war protesters.Broader implications in this statement- also meant for locally based warlords plundering their own nation and not just western powers caught in an unwanted Arabian quagmire. The West never does this to its own nation or neighbours.-an example for itself and newer powers to study and follow.

Our work ended abruptly when a surprise attack happened on the 25th of March 2015.
The last week  almost burst my ear drums when the incessant bomb raids took place. Little effect on the ringleaders  even after 1300 sorties but lots of innocent kids and women roasted alive in this show of demonic military might which was unequivocally  condemned by all religions ,  including their own as well as by agnostics and atheists  worldwide.

I am not sure how many of our cleft children and impoverished Arab Muslim   patients  got roasted alive and one will probably never know as no one has the time to count the dead or even remove the corpses across the country . 

It takes years to give a cleft child that second chance at life . A psychopath can undo  all the good of humankind in an incredibly short time . All our smile target zones were bombarded  relentlessly,and no one knows the numbers  of casualties because there is no media in such areas

No sane mind can condone the illegal actions of warlords and militia, but world leaders will one day soon have to answer a lot of serious questions about endorsing and secretly backing military actions carried out with impunity on poor neighbours,most of whom are innocent villagers.

Man cannot play God because a king who plays God will have a similar fate like Saul . He lost all his marbles in the end.

Looks like the writing on the wall shows quite a list of powerful  nations on their knees soon before the living God.
Thankfully ,  this God is in control and will judge in righteousness  very soon ,  starting with his own household where His name has been blasphemed time and over again.

How then shall we live? ( Francis Schaeffer,L'abri  USA  ).

Monday, April 13, 2015

Springtime in New York City

Hey all in NYC..time to meet again this week after a somewhat dysfunctional time in the troubled Arab world
I look forward to designing the company products for our new LLC and also to catch up with some of you on newer developments in your zone
Our products will be mostly US manufactured-in fact all the skin rejuvenation products are a 100% US made by FDA approved labs

Some aesthetic gadgets will be done by international EU manufacturers based in Beijing
I am excited to be able to finally take time off from cleft lip and palate missions to focus on my first love-designing aesthetic brands and developing newer and improved skin treatment regimes for the benefit of clients across the world

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just look good and feel good

the story so far....many chase the aesthetic dream..we design the aesthetic dream

The magic line of aesthetics is ,"just look good and feel good". One of the best things that can happen to your life after aesthetics is the feeling that you have emerged from your cocoon.
You are now ready to fly and flaunt your stuff to all. Nothing like a good face rejuvenation package that revolutionizes your entire "YOU",the very essence of your being.
Apart from my love for cleft programmes for underprivileged kids,I absolutely love the aesthetic thing which is what I am all about as a doctor.It always gives me great pleasure and a sense of pride when my clients get that extra oomph and everyone notices the transformation.
Hey,it is springtime in Mumbai city  and NYC and time for the transformers,transformees and transformed to lighten up their neighbourhoods and paint the town red.

the one and only mp3 included hybrid classical electro telecaster designed by smilemakernyc...debut in NYC this month 2015..a musician when not a physician!

many chase the aesthetic dream..we design the aesthetic dream