Thursday, May 28, 2015

Passing on information through free access blogging

One of my goals on this blog site is to pass on helpful and accurate information to doctors and others who are interested in smile work as well as aesthetic expertise.
There is a lot of attention to aesthetics these days,primarily because this is a lucrative and booming field.

However,on the flip side there is also a lot of wrong information about the benefits and  expectations in this rapidly advancing specialty of medicine.
One has to take extra precautions to research well all the different aspects of any treatment before divulging information to others. This is equally true for labs that take orders for doctors who develop peels and other treatments to make sure they know what they are dealing with on a more professional and organized front.
Mistakes on labels and information shared on packages need to be be carefully scrutinized by experts in the field to make sure that the information is up to date and accurate.It should not mislead patients.

I write these blog updates here in NY city for all to read and  be aware of all that is happening around in the aesthetic world; that way, you can protect yourself from misinformation and misleading advice.

I hope many of you who follow these blogs will benefit from the blogs I write about latest aesthetic treatments and their uses ,as well the pitfalls in aesthetic medicine. There are over 495,000 views so far for my blogs and I appreciate your kind and helpful comments.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Early solutions for acne pigment and scar problems

Acne scars and pigment following scarring are best treated as early as possible to prevent worsening of the conditions.
The scars are usually fairly superficial to start with and pigment around the scar regions are mild to moderate;however,with negligence, the problems get worse over time, leading to deeper scars and larger areas of darkening.
The picture below of a client shows the effect of my carbon dioxide laser punch for multiple scars of varyng depths..mild to moderate but superficial;the laser was done after conditioning with retin A gel for 6 weeks.
The erythematous regions are the healing zones,surrounded by some areas of healing and superfcial scars
After the laser, I used microneedling for 2-3 sessions along with later application of the lactic acid 30% peels as well as retin A gel.
The final effect is shown below,elegant and much better, with minimal scars and correction of pigmentation.

One word of caution,the scars do not disappear completely but the best I can show here is a result which is great but not without faint scarring;as a result of this research I add a regime of skin lighteners and needle rollers for about a year after the initial success so that the long term results are even better.
There are different approaches that I use as an aesthetic plastic and aesthetic med person,but this is one example of treating your acne scars early.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Therapeutic Aesthetics..different from cosmetic camouflage options

Cosmetic camouflage  has it's own niche area in medical practice,especially for those with severe burns or badly placed, irreparable scars.
Color matched tattooing or color camouflage work well for those cases where therapeutic aesthetics cannot play a beneficial role.

On the flip side,therapeutic aesthetics provides reasonable treatment options over a period of use for skin conditions.
In my experience,treating pigment conditions has had mixed results.
Some like age spots and sun spots often need a good combo of conditioning,peels and minimally invasive options like IPL and lasers.
The results vary and some show marked improvement,

Melesma has a more complicated treatment protocol and only the superficial type responds reasonably well to our treatment protocols.The dermal component is not easy to treat and recurs over months and years. Patients need to be aware of this natural history and not expect too much from what is available in the market today. There is no magic formula.

Given the right conditions,and regular patient compliance ,the results of therapeutic aesthetics that we offer do give elegant results over the months and years.

The improvement is going to happen in progessions and you will be amazed how patience and compliance with standarized regimes transfom your face.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lumina Gel ....glow essence

Lumina Gel 2 oz. - Lactic Acid 30% Gel fortified with skin lighteners. Stimulates collagen, plumps the skin, and lightens skin pigment. Good for fine lines, wrinkles, age and sun spots, pigmented areas, melesma. Use sunblock SPF30 twice daily for best results

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Positive Aesthetic Psyche needed

Today's medical profession may not always adhere to ethical medical standards, but cater more to patients whims and fancies. This is common in the hugely popular aesthetic plastic and aesthetic medicine world.
A lot of my interest over the past decade or so has been in procedures and outcomes of aesthetic procedures and non invasive methods,since I deal with many different patient types.
Some products and innovations are good.They work and change lives. Others are publicity gimmicks, and these should be avoided.

Unscrupulous practitioners may often spend large amounts on online market ads to rope in many desperate and unsuspecting clients. For instance, let us look at eye bags and the treatment offered in some recent ads.
There is no such thing in the aesthetic medical world as an instant cure for tired,wrinkled, edematous eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. You would have to be God to give an instant cure for broken microvessels that cause dark circles , and  a god man to remove edematous eye bags with some fat herniation in one application of a recently discovered "wonder drug or organic product!". Sadly,these stupendous claims will come mostly from rich countries where most people imagine their fantasies of an immediate extreme makeover-Hollywood style.
It will not happen and it just cannot happen.  I have seen some improvement with my own eye bags and fine lines/spots but the results take time and effort.That is the result of many years of training at some of the most hi end specialty and tertiary units across the developed world.

When you enter into our exciting world of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery,you need to leave all your whims and fallacies behind-empty your mind of these misconceptions that's gonna create a lot of negative aesthetic energy ,upsetting your very psyche and causing you to stress and look even worse than before. All because you thought you could turn into an instant Maggie noodle prototype of Tom Cruise or Marilyn Monroe.

pics: pigment reduction and skin lightening for spots  after ten months treatment

On a more positive energy front, I have to say that a person with realistic expectations can expect more than average results, and may even find the changes are so elegant and comforting to the psyche. I look good and feel so good today because I worked hard on the regime,and avoided those useless short cuts.

Develop your positive aesthetic psyche today with some positive aesthetic energy!
You could discover something beautiful within your own being very soon and make many heads turn as a result of the amazing transformation over the months.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Standardized aesthetic treatments only

There is safety in evidence based aesthetic medicine because the techniques have been proven over the years by carefully researched clinical trials and recommend by specialists ,who have spent countless hours studying the specialty.
I do not advise clients to use  non evidence based therapeutic regimes because not only will the client not benefit  but such treatment may cause side effects and psychological problems later on for the unsuspecting client.There are tens of thousands of such cases in the booming "aesthetic" business today and many angry clients.Even small hair salons have the name "SPA" linked to  them because it means more business and money.

Always be careful of advertisements that claim incredible results .You are sure to be disappointed after a few trials of such miracle treatments.
We are flooded with  beauty and health ads about new and fancy products,but personally I think a lot of them are either spurious or grossly exaggerated by greedy businesses.

It takes us many years to get a reasonable knowledge base about this difficult field of aesthetic plastic,medicine and related treatment protocols. In the last fifteen years alone,I have seen many newer and more advanced options.
I find it hard to believe  that someone who has  just done a short course and set up shop is going to do miracle cures for you.
Better safe than sorry. Take time to read what standardized aesthetic procedures really mean and what the realistic benefits are. That way ,not only will you not be disappointed but gain much from treatments that actually do work and benefit you immensely over the treatment period.There are no other short cuts like an immediate face lift or immediate weight reduction by fancy non operative fat reduction!
All the treatments that I recommend for my clients have been used by me and my colleagues, and I found them reasonably effective,but not miracle cures.

pic:peel on author by self after one week /results:

day 3-4 peel
2nd week

                                                            after 6 weeks

Our range includes peels,microabrasions,lasers,IPLs ,RF and the like.None of the treatments are magic wands for beauty.They take time and effort on the part of the specialist and patient.It is a two way street .

pic: two face rejuvenation clients who look fabulous after treatment;however the results were achieved only after several treatment protocols involving mini aesthetic surgery,lasers,and microabrasion ovr 6-7 months. The results were at 2 weeks, one year and after two years.

Aesthetic Medicine ,like all other branches of medicine is changing rapidly and what is good today will become better and more advanced tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Age Busters...regular and affordable aesthetic treatments

From the cradle to the last crinkle,always here ,always there. The scope of aesthetic innovations is increasing by the hour and folks who never dreamt of such services before, find the services right on their doorsteps and big TV screens. And the good news? Most mild treatments are affordable for the ordinary hopeful.

Early years:
Aesthetic procedures for babies and small children normally include total correction of birth defects such as cleft lip,deformed ears,facial asymmetry,birth marks and limb deformities. The initial treatment is usually reconstructive,followed by fine touch ups using cosmetic methods .

Teenage years:
Acne affects over 40 to 50 million teenagers in the US alone;combined with other countries ,the number of acne patients runs into the hundreds of millions.
Most of the psychological problems are due to virulent forms of the disease which require medical treatment along with psychological counseling.
Scarring is also one of the reasons why advanced aesthetic procedures  are necessary .Fractional lasers,IPL,chemical peels,microdermabrasion,micro needling with PRPM are some of the useful ways to treat and cure most of the scars. Superficial scars generally respond very well to microneedling and PRPM;the more complicated scars require localised treatment for bad scarring as well as several sessions of the above treatments. Thankfully,the end results are encouraging and boost the patients self esteem after several successful interventions.

Mid 30s-40s plus...

A crucial time for most in this age when the need arises for aesthetic procedures like treatment of intrinsic and extrinsic skin damage ,manifested mainly in pigment changes and fine wrinkles and accumulation of fat .
As a person crosses his/her early 40s the problems become more pronounced and the added facial volume loss makes the person look more  deflated and tired. This is the time to aggressively  deal with the face and body using a combination of antioxidant diets,minor aesthetic touch up procedures,exercise and the regular skin maintenance programmes to reverse the ageing timepiece.
If the follow up at this age is regular,one can benefit from the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine and surgery ,often removing at least ten to fifteen years from one's age.
The best option then for the ageing face and body are the regular treatments spread out over several years,instead of going for unhealthy extreme makeovers with all the attendant complications and risks.
Better late than never,in aesthetic makeovers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dual Brightener pack-LA and Chi7 Gel

Our SmilemakerNYC aesthetic selection includes all skin types.

The initial product that we launched earlier  called New Visage gives the skin a brighter and more well toned appearance after a few weeks;the addition of Chi7 Gel which contains  skin lighteners along with superficial peels in small amounts as well as  antioxidants further improves the skin appearance ,giving a tremendous after effect .
Time then,for the colours of spring in your own life! Look good and enjoy looking good this season.

Regular use of the combo peel can make your skin look years younger,brighter and healthier,

The first superficial New Visage peel with 30% lactic acid  can be applied every ten -fourteen days.I have been using this for over a year with very good results.
The second  Chi7 Gel  with lighteners can be used daily or even twice daily.

Both come in small bottles ,with instructions on use and there are several blogs linked to these at

A 2oz. bottle can last 6-7 months and give very elegant results. The products will be available very soon through our SmilemakerNYC both online and through  direct wholesale and retail contacts in several countries.

Smilemaker hybrid in aid of underprivileged cleft children


Smilemaker hybrid in aid of cleft children; our first community fundraiser with Namgyal Dorjee,NYC and friends is Tibet Smile Connection in aid of poor cleft children in Tibetan villages,who have to travel long distances to the nearest centre in Chengdou China for their free smile surgeries.


"Tibet Smile Connection is a compassionate response to the movie Dzachuka's Smile( , a US Smile Train story .
This is the story of a poor villager in Tibet who had to search for caterpillar fungus in order to earn some money to afford his son's cleft lip surgery costs.
Fortunately,the US Smile Train helped him with free surgery at their nearest smile centre in Chengdou,China after a three day journey by road."

Namgyal Dorjee *
World Financial Group
Flushing Office
New York 11354
mobile: +1 9176980069

* One of the Marketing Directors of WFG ,Flushing NYC

The original design will stay with me. Some same copies for auction later in aid of  underprivileged cleft children through our community endeavours

Details on request.

You Tube :

Monday, May 11, 2015

SmilemakerNYC..Aesthetic Constant

SmilemakerNYC  is all about aesthetics,providing aesthetic solutions to your everyday life at very affordable prices.
The aesthetic constants that we provide through well researched skin conditioning and treatment packages will have tremendous benefits over a few weeks onwards ,for those who are compliant.

The Aesthetic Constant in your life will include:

1. Conditioning your skin regularly with our range of aesthetic start up kits.
 You need conditioning,similar to the regular vacuuming that our living room needs, every once in a while.
For those of us who have crossed our thirties and are ageing gracefully,SmilemakerNYC adds a touch of elegance to that ageing process by reversing some of the extrinsic ageing tell tale signs in the form of sun and age spots,fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigment problems especially for type 3-4 FP onwards; the added benefit includes treatment and improved acne related scars,and post inflammatory pigmentation .

2. Keeping a check on your age reversal and maintenance by regular use of our anti ageing and skin brightener gels. Some of the products can be used every day,others every ten to fourteen days. For best results,copious amounts of sunblock SPF30 decrease the effects of photodamage to a huge extent.
One of the commonest causes of skin ageing is not chronological,but sun damage which accounts for over  90 percent of the extrinsic ageing problem.
So, one can benefit immensely through our SmilemakerNYC range of age reversal products.
Each product can be used  for 7-10 months depending on your needs.

As a fingerstyle performer for so many years,I live and breathe guitar every day.

Here Comes the Sun:

Similarly, as an aesthetic medicine consultant who Board Certified under Beverly Hills CA experts at Miami,I live and breathe aesthetics day in and day out,always working and developing newer and improved outcomes from well standardized and extremenely safe existing models. I do not recommend non evidence based treatment,no matter how impressive it may look.
The skin responds best to gentle treatment options;as a result,these days, I prefer to work on non invasive aesthetic medicine mostly, so that the well conditioned and  primed skin is now able to glow even brighter with all treatment options that we  provide @SmilemakerNYC .

Our products are being made presently by a well known FDA approved lab and will soon be ready .

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hotel can never leave

Aesthetics is a lifetime commitment to looking good and feeling good
Regular treatment options and follow up maintenance care can help you to look better over the weeks and months. It is similar to the gymnasium.
The more you work at it,the better the end results and outcomes.

There are no shortcuts and also,one cannot expect long term benefits if one is not compliant with the skin treatment protocol.

You can check out anytime you like,but you can never leave...  we all need to programme ourselves to receive. The benefits of regular aesthetic care.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chi7 Gel and 24K Gold Sensation @ SmilemakerNYC

SmilemakerNYC is launching a new hi end product  to help treat fine lines and pigment related conditions for all skin types.

The  innovatve concept  gel of SmilemakerNYC , skin lightening following pigmentation sun spots, age spots and melesma.
The products are safe to use and give good results after a few weeks time of regular use.
There will be more  reduction of pigmentation over a few months of regular use.

Uses: good for pigment reduction,age spots,sun spots,melesma

Tyrosinase enzyme stimulates melanin production in the melanocyte. The lightening agents  interfere with the enzyme's function and  reduce pigment production in the melanocyte.

Advice: Use at night and wash off in the morning
Apply SPF 30 sun block to further protect your skin. 
This gel is a safe and useful follow up care treatment after you have had your acid peel ,dermabrasion,IPL,or laser  treatment.
 It will continue to effectively lighten your pigment spots and make your skin clearer and healthier

Th gold gel gives your facial skin a lustrous and healthy glow and is popular in anti ageing treatment and maintenance.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here comes the SUN..oh,no!

Here comes the sun..oh,no!  Time then for prevention of sun damage to your Langerhans ?

Sun sun sun,here she

Increased sun exposure was thought to be beneficial in the past ,but today it is  a well known fact that UVA and UVB rays are harmful to the skin. Some common misconceptions in the past were -
a.Darker skin types do not need sunblock,only white skinned people need this protection
b. sunblocks are completely water proof and would last the whole day does not need sunblocks while indoors in an office with windows

Sun protection for whom?  Any ethnic group .
Asian skin may have PIH(post inflammatory hyperpigmentation),skin aging,skin cancers,photodamage.
Nearly 90 percent of photodamage to the skin is by the sun's rays.
 Sunblocks have to be applied every 2-3 hours,and the waterproof sunblock usually lasts for 40 minutes under water.Most people do not apply sunblock correctly. SPF 30 offers protection upto 91% and above this number (SPF 30 plus-100 etc) there is no advantage of the higher number.
UVA rays penetrate glass and cause photodamage and skin cancers;UVB does not penetrate glass but causes photodamage and skin cancers like melanoma.

UV skin damage causes faster collagen breakdown than with chronological aging.The sun damaged collagen fibers leads to accumulation of abnormal collagen and increases metalloproteinases(enzymes) ;this breaks down more collagen,leading to disorganized collagen.As a result we get solar scars and wrinkles.The first line of defence in our skin is provided  by the Langerhans cells in the epidermis and these cells are damaged by ultraviolet rays

72nd Congress poster ACPA: KISS smileathons in a volatile ME country

Hi all,

Sadly ,could not make it to present a poster talk at the 72nd Congree at Palm Springs CA last month because of the violence in the Arab world when all came to a standstill where we were based and all commercial flights were cancelled since.Here is the prelim report which was accepted for a dedicated poster session.
This email is confirmation that you have submitted an abstract for the 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association being held April 22-25, 2015 at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Springs, California, USA.

ID #: 1784

KISS smileathons in a volatile ME country
Introduction: Cleft lip and palate humanitarian missions in volatile regions are filled with dangers for visiting expat smile teams. From January 2010 till March 2015, one thousand four hundred and ninety cleft lip and palate children were operated under our Smile Train charity sponsored programmes for underprivileged cleft children in Yemen Arabia by a single plastic surgeon. The work came to a near standstill for almost one and a half years in between, following violent clashes and massacres during the Arab uprisings of 2011.There was a near total breakdown of all services. From security roadblocks, tribal blood feuds, threats of terrorist attacks and bottlenecks in local corrupt medical systems, the uphill task seemed insurmountable. Had it not been for the unwavering support of local medical heroes who were determined to rebuild from the rubble and ashes of a system near ground zero, these 1490 children in Yemen would not be smiling again for the first time in their lives.
Since the work was done by a single expat mission plastic surgeon in a nation where most expat workers had fled, an innovative KISS megasmileathon had to be improvised and played locally by ear, to clear the huge backlog of smile operations. The improvisations and variations of the KISS theme worked and today the list is a lot smaller and easier to handle. Thanks for all those who made smiles happen for underprivileged cleft children in a troubled country.

Aims and Objectives: The main aim of this report is to advocate some sort of user friendly protocol for cleft surgeons working in mega smile missions. How does one perform cleft lip and especially, cleft palate surgery in a country where medical services are underdeveloped and risky for cleft patients? The innovative KISS megasmileathon model was designed during this period when patients were registering in huge numbers. The first week of advertisement through mobile text messaging alone brought in over 500 patients ,which soon grew to over two thousand.

Smile Train NYC cleft children

Over the next two years, patient numbers swelled to over a thousand five hundred patients which made it very hard for a single cleft surgeon to manage. It was out of sheer necessity that the surgeon redesigned the entire approach to smile surgery and named it KISS, keeping it simple and straightforward. The main aim was to simplify cleft lip and palate surgery in mega smileathons, which are common in developing nation smile missions. This way, large volume cleft surgery can be performed with very few complications.
Materials and methods: The age range was between 6 months to 40 years (mean 9.2 years)The weight of patients was between 6 kgs to 65 (mean- 11.5)There were  750 males and 564   females. Surgeries included 700 unilateral cleft lips,200 bilateral cleft lips, and 276 cleft palates,300 lip nose revisions and 138 for secondary palate procedures.14 patients had palate fistula ,out of which ten were referred cases. The five palate fistulae in our series were small junctional fistulae due to suture infection and responded to secondary surgery (about 1-8% fistula rate).
The majority of cleft presentations were non syndromic (- over 99.5 %), with a very small number of syndromic clefts.
In the KISS innovation, unilateral cleft lip surgery was done mostly with a modified Millard 1 procedure using an easy crescent moon incision. The modified C flap was reserved for very wide and short lips. All asymmetrical bilateral cleft lips2 were done in two stages, with an initial lip adhesion followed by an aesthetic reconstructive cheiloplasty six months later.Cheiloseptorhinoplasties were not done because of the long operating time. Soft palate clefts were repaired in one sitting using our innovative button hole saline hydrodissection concept designed here. All complete cleft palates were done in two stages, six months to one year apart taking care to close the nasal layer properly3. The first stage usually included button hole soft palate closure, stab incision hamulus fracture4 after identifying the approximate area closest to the hamulus, with moderate levator repositioning using very small incisions and curved sharp scissors. The second stage closure of the hard palate cleft was done using either a hinge hemi flap alone, or in combination with an opposite button hole release of the mucoperiosteum.The blood loss was negligible, and there were no incidents of post op respiratory problems. The saline hydrodissection concept was mentioned in and mentioned in the US Task Force Palatoplasty paper in the journal of Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery in August 20144 and accepted as a short talk at the Hamburg Europlast Conf in Sept 2013.Mini incision palatoplasty modifications were used5.
The operating time and recovery were also very fast, and most of the patients did well, except for a few junctional fistula cases because of suture infection(less than 2%).About 2 percent had first stage repair infection and partial breakdown because of poor hygienic conditions, but all did well on revision repair. Approximately 15-20 percent needed follow up revisions because of some lip maladjustment problems.
Discussion: Under normal circumstances, smileathons are not necessarily difficult to manage. Large teams usually handle the logistics and the centres performing these surgeries are well versed in smile protocols. What is considered routine in many well established smile centres is often a logistical nightmare, especially in regions where there are violent blood feuds and terrorist attacks. Never has a Smile Train partner group faced such a dangerous assignment anywhere else. The situation was desperate and the most user friendly cleft protocol had to be improvised to help families with cleft children. The KISS principle worked well and although the techniques need further improvement and evaluation, a very large and unattended problem could be solved using improvised techniques. Patient satisfaction was generally very high because the functional and aesthetic outcomes were good, for a start at least.   
This report also highlights the plight of cleft children in poor countries even more, and also shares the burden of plastic surgeons who find themselves in such terrible situations, when life becomes so fragile and precious. Had it not been for the US Smile Train’s unwavering support, none of these cleft lip and palate children in Yemen would be smiling today.
Conclusion: Simplified procedures in cleft missions makes life a lot easier for visiting plastic surgeons and local cleft surgeons who have to deal with large volume cleft surgery. Some of the innovative procedures mentioned in this report will hopefully, add to a cleft surgeon’s repertoire and help even more cleft children get back into normal society. The results will not  be excellent but reasonably good and enable further improvement during follow up surgeries.
1.50 years of the Millard rotation advancement-looking back and moving forward Samuel Stal MD, John B Mulliken MD Division of Plastic Surgery Baylor medical College Univ Texas, Childrens Boston PRS April 2009 1364-1377
2. Asymmetrical bilateral cleft lip ,John B Mulliken, Childrens Hospital Boston PRS 122:5 1494-1503
3.Modified two flap palatoplasty without nasal mucosal closure Jonathan Black MD ,Univ Virginia ACPA 69th Annual Meet, April 17-21,2012 San Jose CA
4. Effect hamulus fracture on outcome of palatoplasty, Chuanfong Yao MD,Lun Jou Lo MD CGMH, ACPA 69th Annual Meet 17-21,2012 San Jose CA
5. Minimal Incision Palatoplasty  Anthony Vu MD, Cincinnati Childrens Med Centre, Ohio

Friday, May 1, 2015

Microneedling eye bags and tetra peptide gel application

Percutaneous collagen induction using micro needles*1 is an attractive concept which provides very little down-time.It can be done on all skin types ; the technique is safe, and has great results.

The indications for use are: tightening
2.reduction of fine wrinkles
3.acne and scar treatment
4.stretch marks

Fig: treatment of eye bags (author) by microneedling and later application of tetra peptide gel

improved results after two weeks but please note that regular monthly maintenance is needed since eye bag treatment is not easy and it can recur if one does not sleep well ,or is under lots of stress

In this section, I use the concept for treating my own eye bags using a roller system. The roller I use is  the MT 15 (1.5mm) roller; after cleansing the skin with a cleanser,I stretch the lower eye bag skin downwards and roll the needles gently over the lower part first, in a horizontal direction,using about 10-12 rolls for each side. This causes some dermal injury and transient redness over the treated areas. The redness usually lasts for about half a day with this method.
Neo collagen formation is induced and takes place over 10-14 days.
I use this treatment initially about once in 10 days and after 2-3 sessions reduce the treatment to once  every 4-6 weeks.
Sunblock SPF 30 is needed post treatment and moisturizers can be used after the procedure .
I enhance the effects of this treatment by using a few drops of  eyeseryl which is a tetrapeptide 10% dilute solution which reduces the edema below the eyes and shrinks eye bags significantly over two to three weeks use.The light gel is massaged into the skin and used about 2 times a day for 4-5 days.The end result is a youthful skin appearance.
Advantages of Eyeseryl tetra peptide  after microneedling eyebags.
As we age, skin loses its elasticity and muscles weaken which can cause loose skin to accumulate around the eyes, forming folds in the eyelids. Fat, which cushions the eyes in their sockets moves forward out of the ocular cavities and accumulates in bulging bags around the eyelids.
The other major reason for puffy eyes is water accumulation, known as edema, which can be caused by poor lymphatic circulation and increased capillary permeability.
Eyeseryl® is a tetrapeptide with anti-edema properties with proven efficacy in reducing puffy eyebags in as little as 15 days.  It can be incorporated in cosmetic formulations such as gels, serums, and emulsions where a reduction of puffiness under the eyes is desired.
Studies were performed with Eyeseryl® at a very low concentration (1%) in order to define a minimum concentration for which an effect could be measured. Both eyebag volume and dark circles were moderately, but significantly reduced.  Up to 10% of the solution can be incorporated into formulations to obtain significant eyebag-reducing activity.
Eyeseryl® Solution B can be incorporated at the final stage of the manufacturing process, provided the temperature is below 40°C (104°F).
Recommended Usage Rate: 1 - 10%
Active ingredient content: 0.1% Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 (1 g/L)
Appearance: Transparent solution
Solubility: Water Soluble
pH: 5.3 - 6.3
Preservative: Butylene Glycol (42-58%)

Storage: Eyeseryl® Solution B should be stored in the original sealed containers protected from light in a clean, cool and dark place. Refrigeration is not necessary. In order to avoid secondary microbial contamination after opening, containers should be handled with special care. If stored under the recommended conditions, Eyeseryl® Solution B remains stable for at least two years.

Pic: effects of tetra peptide gel 5% after  one week (author). I would suggest another picture after 3 weeks since the best time to take the pics are after 3-4 weeks at least after daily use.The results are no doubt,very elegant

Results of this technique: good results after two weeks was shown in  the clinical photos(above). There was significant improvement and reduction of the eye bags.The skin becomes tighter as a result of the micro needling leading to improved results.About 4-5 monthly sessions give the desired outcomes.
One has to take care not to have unrealistic expectations however,because this method works only for moderate sized eye bags and not large fat herniations which are best addressed by lower blepharoplasty .


*1  Making the skin biologically better  M A Suarez Bigetti,Miami Fl American Journal of Aesthetic Medicine ,2013 issue 03: 24-28

Painless Rejuv...Venus Freeze protocol

Venus Freeze

Uses of Venus Freeze: Multipolar RF using multipolar electrodes-8 for body,4 for face (pics).

The RF current is produced between any two electrodes in an array and by rapidly alternating RF current between the two electrodes.There is no pain with this model,unlike earlier unipolar or bipolar versions.

1. Skin tightening of skin and wrinkle reduction for face and neck
2. Circumferential reduction of abdomen and hips
3. Cellulite treatment

Suggested Treatment Protocol:

1. Twice the first week
2. Then once weekly for seven weeks

Body Areas:  starting energy is 50%
Treat for 10 minutes for a 20 by 25 cm area 

Face: starting energy is 30%

Treat for 12 minutes each side of face
6 minutes each side of neck

Preparation of patients:

1. Patient to lie down comfortably on couch
2.clean area to be treated with an alcohol wipe
3.Glycerin is apllied to the treatment area

Use the RF device on the target areas deploying sweeping motions without allowing the applicator to stop moving. Motions include figure of  8 movements,swirls,and wave shaped movements. Be gentle on the more sensitive region of the forehead because it is bony and the patient may feel discomfort.

During the treatment,the energy is adjusted to achieve at least 40-42 degrees Celsius epidermal temperature within the first few minutes of treatment, and throughout the entire session.Use an infrared thermometer to record the epidermal tenperature.


Pain free treatment and easy to use

Consistent and demonstrable effects on skin.cellulite improvement

Suggested reading:

1. Alster TS, RF and non ablative skin remodelling  Clin Derm 2007; 25,487-91

2. Hantash BM,Chang H  Pipolar RF induded neocollagenesis  Lasers Surg Med 2009;41: 1-9