Friday, October 30, 2015

Increased demand for tyrosinase inhibitors and facial rejuvenation Lumina Peel @ SmilemakerNYC

There is an increasing demand by clients for two of our main products:

1. Lumina Gel - lactic acid 30% peel fortified with vit C and E, tyrosinase inhibitors which remove pigment and lighten skin/ plump and make skin look younger

2. Chi 7 skin lightener for long term maintenance therapy 

Both the products have shown significant results on all our clients and as a result ,there is an increase in demand for the two key products.

The positive rejuvenating and pigment reduction effects increase from the 2nd week onwards,showing marked improvement over the next 4-6 months.
The rejuvenated skin becomes clearer,with better tone and texture and diminished pigment  as well as a significant reduction in fine lines.

War Burns Recon Arabia Felix@ Smilemaker

With increasing violence across the Arabian world ,more and more trauma and burns victims will need help from reconstructive plastic surgical services.

Some helpful approaches to burns management 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cleft children of Yemen Arabia 2015 @ Smilemaker

There are approximately over twenty six thousand cleft children in Yemen Arabia. All of them today are under Yemen Smile and Smile Train partnership programmes. Since January 2010 over 1490 cleft children across Yemen were sponsored by Smile Train USA.
Today, in 2015, following the devastating war on Yemen, we have postponed all services till the security is normal. All families of cleft children have been advised to remain low and register with our units only when it is safer to do so.
Yemeni cleft children do not like to go to school because they are teased by classmates. But after surgery, many of them return to school. In this war, no one is going to school because most schools have been bombed. Over 12 million children have stopped going to school.
Most cleft children are malnourished. In today’s war, they have even less to eat. This will mean ensuring nutritional support programmes when we start cleft programmes again.
Cleft services will resume soon, after we are able to return to the units.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Smiles for All @ Smilemaker

Following years of  smile mission strategies, hands on demos,trainings and discussions across continents ,the legacy of some of these great teachers of plastic surgery is now available for cleft trainees at our charity blogsite


1. Nigel Mercer President BAAPS- med missions Africa in earlier med school days
2. Tony Moss/formerly Plastic @ St George's Craniofacial Tooting London- med missions Pacific regions/islands Fiji/Solomon
3. Dalia Nield-Plastic Surgeon London Clinics-mission support since 2004
4. Yeap CL -Plastic @ Mount Elizabeth Singapore- Plastic med missions China/Indonesia
5. John B Mulliken ,Childrens Boston - Plastic med missions-S Korea/China/Ecuador/ rest of world
6. Philip Chen Chang Gung Taipei-support worldwide med mission/cleft surgeons  trainings
7. Bona Lotha- Plastic med missions-Asia /Arabia/E Africa and beyond

What started out as a small music event at the  British Embassy pub Hadda in 2003 under the former  HMA Frances Guy and friends, has now grown into a beautiful free academy for cleft surgeons,surpassing all our expectations.

Highlights of our Brit Pub Smile Mission Yemen Smile : 2003-2015

1.  Excellent input from great world leaders from the UK,Singapore,Taipei and USA

2. User friendly cleft lip and palate protocol with the help of pioneers/advisors Nigel Mercer ,BAAPS President,Yeap CL of Mount Elizabeth Singapore,Tony Moss of St George's Tooting London and others

3. Lip and Palate journal articles and techniques from Philip Chen /Sam Noordhoff's unit ,Chang Gung Craniofacial Taipei

4. 15 years of John B Mulliken's cleft articles donated by John in 2013 July  which I bound in 3 volumes called "Sense of Wonder"

5. User friendly lessons on primary lip and palate concepts with some MCQs after each session for trainees @ Smiles4All

Looking forward to help many more make smiles for all

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Melesma Campaign @SmilemakerNYC

As part of our campaign against melesma ,several patients with this skin problem in developing cities were given free samples of tyrosinase inhibitor preparations to help clear pigment. About 40 patients will benefit from this campaign and the results observed over a period of six months to a year,along with the help of a local doctor following up on the treatment .

Tyrosinase inhibition is the most important step in clearing pigment and melesma problems;the results are generally evident in about 3-6 months and follow up maintenance therapy  keeps the skin clear and decreases repigmentation,especially in   FP types 4/5.

Several patients have benefited from this treatment;most of them were not able to afford the costs involved . The pigment shows gradual lightening over the next two- three weeks and  there is significant ligthening over the next few months.
Regular use of sunblock is advised along with this treatment. Superficial melesma responds readily but dermal melesma needs prolonged treatment.along with other forms of treatment like IPL and Q switch/ Nd Yag lasers,which can be cost prohibitive for most clients.

However,the treatment with a crafted lotion of 2% kojic acid/ licorice /green tea extract works well for most types of pigment and the results have been encouraging so far on ourselves as well as on others who request the preparation from us. There are no side effects and the results are significant. I myself use this to lighten pigment on my face and have seen remarkable results. Large quantities  cannot be prepared,because the raw materials from the manufacturer in Seattle ,WA are expensive to purchase.
As part of our mission charity work for specific underprivileged groups who requested help from my unit, this is an addition to our charity work along with Singaporean friends for cleft children,burns and trauma victims,facial deformities ,Tokyo hi grade medical DMK silicon implants, and other aesthetic procedures in regions with little or no access to aesthetic expertise. (Rhinoplasty and Implants are reserved only for serious cases since the implants cost a few hundred dollars each/cost of surgery is high).

Friday, October 23, 2015

Yemeni Med heroes rebuilding the devastated health infrastructure of Yemen Arabia

As winter approaches Arabia,millions of displaced folks will face a harsh time without warm blankets,food,electricity,cooking gas,and petrol.
The health infrastructure of Yemen Arabia has been mostly decimated and most patients are dying of common treatable ailments.
It is almost impossible to conduct any surgery camps because there is no infrastructure now.

Despite the indignities Yemen friends have had to face in a war which has nothing to do with them, our friends in the medical field continue to help those in need.
We hope the situation across the nation will improve so that much needed medical humanitarian work can be taken to all the governorates of the country.

Our work for thousands of cleft and plastic surgery patients/trauma victims came to an abrupt standstill in March 2015. It the security situation permits us to enter the land again,there will be a mammoth challenge ahead to treat tens of thousands without medical care.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

NYC, Connecticut,Mumbai @ SmilemakerNYC

Clients in New York City and Connecticut:

Collagen and Pigment Solutions  -unisex and all skin types

For those in NYC ,you can also visit Himalaya Beauty Salon in Jackson Heights market and Manhattan  where  SMILEMAKERNYC products will be available at the salon/sales

Where you can ask for our products:

Himalayan Manhattan
75 West 47th St 2nd Floor New York, 
NY 10036 
(212) 840 0084

Himalayan Queens
37-65A 74th St. 2nd Floor Queens,
NY 11372
(718) 478 4004

 .Website:    Call 917-698-0069  for the products


117 Chauncey Street
West Haven
Connecticut 06516
mob- 917-698-0069


Clients in India can order products by mailing us at  and our agent in Andheri, Mumbai, India can send you the items via courier.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Positive AestheticOMICS @SmilemakerNYC

Positive AestheticOMICS for beneficial and evidence based aesthetic medicine ..

The market everywhere these days is flooded with "all things aesthetic" .My primary focus is on collagen and pigment solutions since I have personally seen the benefits of such solutions on myself and clients I treat.
At SmilemakerNYC, I am presently involved in several client consultations across India and the USA. Interestingly enough, client expectations are more or less the same everywhere in mega cities.

They just want to look good and feel good. So here we are promoting our range of products across India and the USA. Bon chance to all of you!

Note: Customers in India can mail us at
Special offers are available for friends in India-Mumbai, Delhi, Nagaland and elsewhere.
The items can be couriered to you all by our contact in Oshiwara, Andheri West Mumbai by DTDC


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Case in point: Complicated haemangioma of the nose in an Arab child

This Arab child presented with a complicated haemangioma of his nose ,distorting the entire anatomy of the area.
The skin over the nose was thinned out and fragile, so I excised part of the defect and used a combination of a local nasal flap and a left naso labial flap to create a bilobed flap variant.

The flaps healed well post op and the aesthetic results were reasonable enough.

In the past,plastic surgeons have used skin grafts to cover defects of the nose.The procedure is obsolete because of the color mismatch and weird looking facies post op.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The music of aesthetic plastic surgery

As an artist, I attribute my finer aesthetic surgical skills to my knowledge of music progressions;over the years I have found it incredibly useful to memorize music scores of different genres in order to improve finger reflexes.It actually worked wonders in my case.Working on a nose,ear ,lip,palate eyelids needs some very precise movements of a small blade and I am so thankful for those who taught me the music skills at an early age.
Most of my friends in the aesthetic plastic world are also accomplished artists,in the music world or fine arts. There is a very close relation between aesthetic plastic surgery and the fine arts.

Thanks for following my somewhat mundane aesthetic blogs.I have included some of my solos here instead of a lengthy aesthetic blog! Using the Smilemaker hybrid I designed earlier this year which led to

Aesthetic Topic: Role of peels,microneedling and lighteners for complicated pigmentation

  Pic of complicated pigmentation:

This patient has complicated pigmentation of the face because of previous interventions which were carried out without skin conditioning .The skin is coarse,has pigment and superficial scars  and sun damage.

Our goals:

1. Condition and peel the skin with weekly applications of Lumina Gel 30%; the skin is cleansed with perfect 5th cleanser and a light peel applied 
2. Apply chi 7 lightener every night to lighten the pigment 
3.regular use of sunblock SPF 30 every 3-4 hours

After two months of the above regime I would prefer to do some micro needling using 0.75mm needles and apply some vit C serum along with hyaluronic acid to improve the texture and tone of the facial skin.

Skin lighteners with kojic acid and licorice are continued to help maintain a youthful and brighter skin.  The patient is presently on the first regime with some improvement.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Melesma Campaign 4 ALL @ SmilemakerNYC USA and India

Melesma Campaign for all @SmilemakerNYC  is a programme for helping patients with melesma.

Several training sessions and roadshows /promotions were held in the last few months across the US/Canada and India .

Most of the clients who attended our meetings had a common problem-Melesma. This is the Asian nightmare for patients in Asian regions/Hispanics ,Arab world.

Our range of products was specially designed to target this group. Using a combination of powerful and safe tyrosinase inhibitors ,along with lactic peel which also has tyrosinase inhibiting properties as well as anti wrinkle and rejuvenation effects, the overall results were very encouraging and many more are using the products.

Clients in New York City and Connecticut:

For those in NYC ,you can also visit Himalaya Beauty Salon in Jackson Heights market and Manhattan  where the SMILEMAKERNYC products will be available at the salon/sales

Where you can ask for our products:

Himalayan Manhattan
75 West 47th St 2nd Floor New York, 
NY 10036 
(212) 840 0084

Himalayan Queens
37-65A 74th St. 2nd Floor Queens,
NY 11372
(718) 478 4004

 .Website:    Call 917-698-0069  for the products

Clients in India can order products by mailing us at  and our agent in India can send you the items via courier.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SmilemakerNYC in Mumbai promotions Oct 2015

SmilemakerNYC aesthetic skin care products were introduced too some clients in Mumbai this month.
A few training sessions and demos were held for some trainees and several clients  came forward to buy the products. Other orders are coming in from cities across  India.

The products can be ordered from our Mumbai, India representatives at the following address:

mail us at