Saturday, October 24, 2015

Melesma Campaign @SmilemakerNYC

As part of our campaign against melesma ,several patients with this skin problem in developing cities were given free samples of tyrosinase inhibitor preparations to help clear pigment. About 40 patients will benefit from this campaign and the results observed over a period of six months to a year,along with the help of a local doctor following up on the treatment .

Tyrosinase inhibition is the most important step in clearing pigment and melesma problems;the results are generally evident in about 3-6 months and follow up maintenance therapy  keeps the skin clear and decreases repigmentation,especially in   FP types 4/5.

Several patients have benefited from this treatment;most of them were not able to afford the costs involved . The pigment shows gradual lightening over the next two- three weeks and  there is significant ligthening over the next few months.
Regular use of sunblock is advised along with this treatment. Superficial melesma responds readily but dermal melesma needs prolonged treatment.along with other forms of treatment like IPL and Q switch/ Nd Yag lasers,which can be cost prohibitive for most clients.

However,the treatment with a crafted lotion of 2% kojic acid/ licorice /green tea extract works well for most types of pigment and the results have been encouraging so far on ourselves as well as on others who request the preparation from us. There are no side effects and the results are significant. I myself use this to lighten pigment on my face and have seen remarkable results. Large quantities  cannot be prepared,because the raw materials from the manufacturer in Seattle ,WA are expensive to purchase.
As part of our mission charity work for specific underprivileged groups who requested help from my unit, this is an addition to our charity work along with Singaporean friends for cleft children,burns and trauma victims,facial deformities ,Tokyo hi grade medical DMK silicon implants, and other aesthetic procedures in regions with little or no access to aesthetic expertise. (Rhinoplasty and Implants are reserved only for serious cases since the implants cost a few hundred dollars each/cost of surgery is high).

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