Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Smiles for All @ Smilemaker

Following years of  smile mission strategies, hands on demos,trainings and discussions across continents ,the legacy of some of these great teachers of plastic surgery is now available for cleft trainees at our charity blogsite


1. Nigel Mercer President BAAPS- med missions Africa in earlier med school days
2. Tony Moss/formerly Plastic @ St George's Craniofacial Tooting London- med missions Pacific regions/islands Fiji/Solomon
3. Dalia Nield-Plastic Surgeon London Clinics-mission support since 2004
4. Yeap CL -Plastic @ Mount Elizabeth Singapore- Plastic med missions China/Indonesia
5. John B Mulliken ,Childrens Boston - Plastic med missions-S Korea/China/Ecuador/ rest of world
6. Philip Chen Chang Gung Taipei-support worldwide med mission/cleft surgeons  trainings
7. Bona Lotha- Plastic med missions-Asia /Arabia/E Africa and beyond

What started out as a small music event at the  British Embassy pub Hadda in 2003 under the former  HMA Frances Guy and friends, has now grown into a beautiful free academy for cleft surgeons,surpassing all our expectations.

Highlights of our Brit Pub Smile Mission Yemen Smile : 2003-2015

1.  Excellent input from great world leaders from the UK,Singapore,Taipei and USA

2. User friendly cleft lip and palate protocol with the help of pioneers/advisors Nigel Mercer ,BAAPS President,Yeap CL of Mount Elizabeth Singapore,Tony Moss of St George's Tooting London and others

3. Lip and Palate journal articles and techniques from Philip Chen /Sam Noordhoff's unit ,Chang Gung Craniofacial Taipei

4. 15 years of John B Mulliken's cleft articles donated by John in 2013 July  which I bound in 3 volumes called "Sense of Wonder"

5. User friendly lessons on primary lip and palate concepts with some MCQs after each session for trainees @ Smiles4All

Looking forward to help many more make smiles for all

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