Friday, October 23, 2015

Yemeni Med heroes rebuilding the devastated health infrastructure of Yemen Arabia

As winter approaches Arabia,millions of displaced folks will face a harsh time without warm blankets,food,electricity,cooking gas,and petrol.
The health infrastructure of Yemen Arabia has been mostly decimated and most patients are dying of common treatable ailments.
It is almost impossible to conduct any surgery camps because there is no infrastructure now.

Despite the indignities Yemen friends have had to face in a war which has nothing to do with them, our friends in the medical field continue to help those in need.
We hope the situation across the nation will improve so that much needed medical humanitarian work can be taken to all the governorates of the country.

Our work for thousands of cleft and plastic surgery patients/trauma victims came to an abrupt standstill in March 2015. It the security situation permits us to enter the land again,there will be a mammoth challenge ahead to treat tens of thousands without medical care.

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