Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making friendship smiles across the miles and nations

Coming together as friends many years ago,making music and reaching out to a needy section of the population with a message of love and hope.
We made music, raised funds,operated,funded hospitals across the nation. The list went on and on.So many people,so many smiles.
The world has changed since then but we are still hopeful that things will come back to normal in this faraway land called Yemen.
Meet the folks behind a smile miracle called Yemen Smile 2003-2015 when nations joined hands to give life and love,hope to many in Yemen.

Andre Lamy of Total France E&P Sana with HMA Mike Gifford and team

Clive Butler,Yorkshire UK pub pianist getting in tune!

Ashish Sabharwal Smile Train

Colin Kramer,DNO Yemen A S  

HMA Frances Guy,Patron Yemen Smile 2003-present

HMA Mike and Trish UK Residence

Les Professuers Plastique Paris on a surprise visit to our office in Yemen

Our Fete de la musik France concert in Sana

Norwegian Oil Finance controller Vilva ,our Finance Director

US State Dept fundraiser for cleft kids

At UK Res meeting with Total France and Norwegian Oil

41 Madison Avenue Smile Train New York City

Filler rhinoplasty or aesthetic rhinoplasty for nasal defect?

With the ongoing excitement over filler based rhinoplasties  all across the aesthetic medicine world, one has to be aware of the limitations of this procedure in aesthetic medicine.
Traditionally, rhinoplasty is a complicated section of the Aesthetic Plastic world and require dozens of standardized procedures before one can confidently perform different types of aesthetic nose jobs.
The techniques are not easily learnt,and it often takes years to gain some reasonable amount of experience in this field.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are okay for small soft tissue defects after post rhinoplasty or mild trauma but are only temporary measure to a difficult problem. Small residual defects after a nose job can be successfully filled in by hyaluronic acid injections,but the procedure requires follow up injections after a year or so.

There are many approaches to aesthetic nose jobs and one has to choose the most suitable procedure for the given patient.  Below is one of the hundreds of procedures done at my workshops several years ago.
The patient had a traumatic saddle nose deformity with a deformed naso labial angle leading to a collapsed and hanging  nose - cartilage covered modified nasal implant rhinoplasty was done(using a Tokyo  DMPK hi quality silicon implant) .The girl did well post op several years at follow up and there was no infection post op. The reason for implant stability and good post op follow up results was because the implant was trimmed well and covered adequately with a cartilage graft;there was no pressure on the overlying skin. Covering the implant with ear cartilage offers good protection to the implant ,preventing extrusion and post op pain.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All Skin Types FP 1-6 @ SmilemakerNYC

Our skin rejuvenation products are suitable for all skin types with significant benefits over the months for all our clients.
Most of our clients are in the USA and some cities in India-Mumbai,N Del,and Nagaland.


1. multi purpose rejuvenation pigment lightening peel

2. safe and long lasting effects

New York City- 3 contacts ,including 2 beauty spas (Manhattan/Jackson Hts Queens)

Connecticut- West Haven and one city spa

Mumbai / N Del/ Nagaland -contact 


tel: in NYC 917-698 0069

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lumina Gel client follow up after 2 peels@SmilemakerNYC

Follow up on a client with superficial and deep pigmentation

Observations: picture 1

1.coarse skin

2. sun damage -with fine lines and pigment

3.melesma superficial and deep

picture 1:

pic 2: after two sessions of peel

Notice after 2 peels ten days apart,the skin is smoother,glows,has better tone and texture

The pigment will lessen over the next few months of regular use;the superficial pigment gets lighter sooner and the deeper pigment will clear in 7-9 months time

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Story of Smilemaker over the years

story so far..every smile tells a story
"A conversation at the Brit Pub with HMA Frances Guy and others in 2003 led to a charity for over several thousand plastic surgery patients across Yemen. Along with the Smile Train USA partnership in Jan 2010 ,a few extra thousand cleft children were helped (Smile Train number=1490) ; compassionate plastic surgeons and friends made this happen for so many patients- by 2012 April, Yemen Smile was considered one of the best success stories of the US Smile Train cleft lip and palate programmes in the history of  overseas US cleft missions..our group has moved on since,though this blogsite is now available for all younger cleft surgeons to learn some aspects of cleft surgery. Thanks to all who believed and made it happen for a nation."


Former HMA Frances Guy UK Residence Sana ," I want to see smiles all across Yemen"
Frances is presently,Head of Christian Aid London for the ME region

Welcome all to Smilemaker....