Thursday, November 26, 2015

Filler rhinoplasty or aesthetic rhinoplasty for nasal defect?

With the ongoing excitement over filler based rhinoplasties  all across the aesthetic medicine world, one has to be aware of the limitations of this procedure in aesthetic medicine.
Traditionally, rhinoplasty is a complicated section of the Aesthetic Plastic world and require dozens of standardized procedures before one can confidently perform different types of aesthetic nose jobs.
The techniques are not easily learnt,and it often takes years to gain some reasonable amount of experience in this field.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are okay for small soft tissue defects after post rhinoplasty or mild trauma but are only temporary measure to a difficult problem. Small residual defects after a nose job can be successfully filled in by hyaluronic acid injections,but the procedure requires follow up injections after a year or so.

There are many approaches to aesthetic nose jobs and one has to choose the most suitable procedure for the given patient.  Below is one of the hundreds of procedures done at my workshops several years ago.
The patient had a traumatic saddle nose deformity with a deformed naso labial angle leading to a collapsed and hanging  nose - cartilage covered modified nasal implant rhinoplasty was done(using a Tokyo  DMPK hi quality silicon implant) .The girl did well post op several years at follow up and there was no infection post op. The reason for implant stability and good post op follow up results was because the implant was trimmed well and covered adequately with a cartilage graft;there was no pressure on the overlying skin. Covering the implant with ear cartilage offers good protection to the implant ,preventing extrusion and post op pain.


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