Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making friendship smiles across the miles and nations

Coming together as friends many years ago,making music and reaching out to a needy section of the population with a message of love and hope.
We made music, raised funds,operated,funded hospitals across the nation. The list went on and on.So many people,so many smiles.
The world has changed since then but we are still hopeful that things will come back to normal in this faraway land called Yemen.
Meet the folks behind a smile miracle called Yemen Smile 2003-2015 when nations joined hands to give life and love,hope to many in Yemen.

Andre Lamy of Total France E&P Sana with HMA Mike Gifford and team

Clive Butler,Yorkshire UK pub pianist getting in tune!

Ashish Sabharwal Smile Train

Colin Kramer,DNO Yemen A S  

HMA Frances Guy,Patron Yemen Smile 2003-present

HMA Mike and Trish UK Residence

Les Professuers Plastique Paris on a surprise visit to our office in Yemen

Our Fete de la musik France concert in Sana

Norwegian Oil Finance controller Vilva ,our Finance Director

US State Dept fundraiser for cleft kids

At UK Res meeting with Total France and Norwegian Oil

41 Madison Avenue Smile Train New York City

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