Thursday, December 17, 2015

Futuristic aesthetic surgery

The future of private practice in aesthetic surgery lies in minimally invasive procedures where the down time after any procedure will be very low;in some instances where radiofrequency modalities are used, there will be no downtime.
So much has changed over the years in the field of plastic surgery where invasive surgeries for the face have been replaced by less invasive procedures.It is possible to look younger without having a major facelift where there may be other complications like wound infections,scarring, and pain.
MOOBS can be removed through a very small subarealar incision, the brows lifted either with threads or botox, the breast reduced by a circumareolar method combined with liposuction of fatty tissue,and rejuvenation performed by microneedling or harmless fillers using small needles.
With the addition of new gadgets almost every month, combined with newer fillers with less side effects ,most patients these days are looking for  procedures that are patient friendly .

Friday, December 4, 2015

First Quarter Aesthetic responses @SmilemakerNYC

The first quarter response since the launch of SmilemakerNYC has been encouraging.
Several clients have expressed satisfaction with the aesthetic skin rejuvenation/pigment reversal products.

Benefits of the multipurpose Lumina Gel rejuvenation peel:

1. Lactic Acid 30% gel- for fine lines,pigment

2. vit C for collagen stimulation

3. Alpha arbutin from bearberry extract -a pigment lightener useful for melesma and other superficial pigment/age, sun spots

4. Licorice and Kojic acid- pigment lighteners useful for melesma and other superficial pigment/age, sun spots

Chi7 ligthen gel  used daily after the peel enhances the lightening effects

Range of skin cleansers for all skin types: perfect 5th cleanser,phi 7 and herbal cleanser

The overall effects on skin rejuvenation and pigment lightening are effective with the continued use of the above products and long term rejuvenative changes on the face are significant

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NYC,CT,PA ,CA Mumbai,N Del, Nagaland@SmilemakerNYC

SmilemakerNYC aesthetic skincare products in the US and India

Client satisfaction: reasonable

Remarks: More stocks needed in Mumbai /N Del/India India for newer clients

Thanks for supporting  our brand

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