Monday, January 25, 2016

Reinventing the Rose Thompson and Millard wheel in cleft lip surgery since the late 1800s and 1920s

Those involved in large volume cleft lip and palate designing across patient groups owe their expertise and skills to the ones who have trod this path before.
Most of the present day aesthetic cleft lip designs are built around the Millard and Rose Thompson original designs.
Noordhoff's C flap modifications of the Mohler and some of the most recent innovative Arab crescent flap curved line cheiloplasties for the unilateral designed after the Rose Thompson method are the more popular techniques used in mega smileathons.

There are two important aspects of any kind of repair used by the primary cleft surgeon:

1. a good functional closure
2. aesthetic recon either as a first stage or secondary repair

The goal is to get it right the first time so that subsequent adjustments for the follow up procedures are easier .

There are many variations on these themes of cleft lip repair , and the type of technique used is dependant on operator preference and experience. The trick is to get your measurements right for all the surgeries so that you do not replace one deformity with another badly measured correction.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy 2016 to all viewers!

Have a great aesthetic year

Look good and feel good this year..