Sunday, February 28, 2016

Smile workshop @ Nagaland 2016

This week, a few sessions were held for specialist surgeons @ Nagaland Referral Hospital,Dimapur.

The sessions include-

1. Concepts of cleft lip management for unilateral defects and floor of nose reconstruction

2. The  5 principles of bilateral cleft lip repair

3. The cleft palate challenge and how to design a minimal incision ,relatively bloodless palate repair

An intensive Q and A session was held after each talk.

A few live demos will be held for the benefit  of cleft trainees.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Free Training in aesthetic cleft procedures and free manual

As part of our humanitarian outreach mission to underprivileged plastic surgery patients in developing regions for over a decade,  the updated version of Smiles 4 All  is now available for trainee surgeons.

The manual focuses on primary procedures for unilateral and bilateral cleft lip deformities,and palate advances.
Anatomical considerations in cleft surgery are discussed. The manual includes a short MCQ after each chapter.

Hands on demos in the OR are held for trainees at our mission camps.


Cleft children in war torn regions ...waiting for miracle smiles

Cleft children of Yemen Arabia 2016

There are approximately over twenty six thousand cleft children in Yemen Arabia. All of them today are under Yemen Smile and Smile Train partnership programmes. Since January 2010 over 1490 cleft children across Yemen were sponsored by Smile Train USA.
Today, in 2016, following the devastating war on Yemen since March 2015, we have postponed all services till the security is normal. All families of cleft children have been advised to remain low and register with our units only when it is safer to do so.
Yemeni cleft children do not like to go to school because they are teased by classmates. But after surgery, many of them return to school. In this war, no one is going to school because most schools have been bombed. Over 2.5 million children have stopped going to school.
Most cleft children are malnourished. In today’s war, they have even less to eat. This will mean ensuring nutritional support programmes when we start cleft programmes again.
Cleft services will resume soon, after we are able to return to the units.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

SmilemakerNYC reaching out with smiles North East India and Myanmar regions

This season ,some of us are reaching out to cleft children in the northeast Nagaland ,Assam areas and nearby tribes in Myanmar.

Consultations and surgeries will be done for underprivileged cleft lip and palate children in these regions through the Dimapur Christian  Referral Hospital Nagaland India ,from next week onwards. Hopefully,this mission will grow over time and benefit both local patients and trainees.

As a humanitarian mission outreach of , free training and a cleft manual specially designed for primary aesthetic  cleft techniques will be available for  local trainees who attend the hands on demos. The focus will be mainly on unilateral and bilateral cleft lip  aesthetic concepts,and cleft palate advances .

Some promotional presentations of smilemakernyc aesthetic rejuvenation products will also be held soon in Nagaland .

About the mission plastic surgeon

Dr.Bona S Lotha

Status: Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Mission

Education :
India/UK/ USA/Singapore/Taipei

Cleft Mission:

Overseas Aesthetic Recon Mission Consultant of CL Yeap Aesthetic Surgery,, Mount Elizabeth hosp Singapore to Yemen 2003-2005
Project Director Smile Train USA-Yemen Smile cleft programmes Jan 2010-Dec2015
Member of US Task Force on Palate and Initiator of Task Force online discussions on palatoplasty in the speaking individual with unrepaired cleft palate Florida Intl Conference
Visiting Plastic Surgeon, Childrens Hospital Craniofacial,Boston (Prof JB Mulliken Unit)
Certified, Aesthetic Medicine Dade County Medical Association,Miami Fla/AAAM
Certified Aesthetic Medicine,Florida Medical Association,Miami
Diplomat ,American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,Miami Fla(Bev Hills CA,Prof. Michel Delune team)
 with over 620,000 international views in the last 3 years

Education and Intl Exposure:
2.MS Gen,Recon and GI Surg-AIIMS N Delhi 1990Jan
3.Graduate DICS Intercultural studies and ethnography SBC Singapore 2001
4. Craniofacial Scholar Chang Gung Craniofacial Taipei
5. Board Certified Aesthetic Med Miami AAAM 2013
6. Founder New York 2015 April
7. Diplomat American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Miami ,Fla/Dade County Med Association,Florida USA

2016: Give a cleft child a SMILE!