Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cleft children in war torn regions ...waiting for miracle smiles

Cleft children of Yemen Arabia 2016

There are approximately over twenty six thousand cleft children in Yemen Arabia. All of them today are under Yemen Smile and Smile Train partnership programmes. Since January 2010 over 1490 cleft children across Yemen were sponsored by Smile Train USA.
Today, in 2016, following the devastating war on Yemen since March 2015, we have postponed all services till the security is normal. All families of cleft children have been advised to remain low and register with our units only when it is safer to do so.
Yemeni cleft children do not like to go to school because they are teased by classmates. But after surgery, many of them return to school. In this war, no one is going to school because most schools have been bombed. Over 2.5 million children have stopped going to school.
Most cleft children are malnourished. In today’s war, they have even less to eat. This will mean ensuring nutritional support programmes when we start cleft programmes again.
Cleft services will resume soon, after we are able to return to the units.

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