Thursday, March 3, 2016

Type 3-6 FP patients and post laser hyperpigmentation

Post laser/IPL  inflammatory hyperpigmentation usually occurs because the patients have not been adequately treated for at east six weeks with superficial peels and lightening agents.

In my earlier blogs, I have mentioned the importance of skin conditioning where the dead cells are exfoliated with superficial peels and the skin lightened with tyrosinase inhibitors for at east six weeks prior to any laser peel,IPL or dermabrasion.

If you condition your skin, it will heal better and the chances of  PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are going to be reduced significantly.
So take care and follow the simple rules of skin conditioning mentioned in my earlier blogs.

Board Certified
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Miami,Fla (under Bev Hills CA leaders)

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