Friday, April 15, 2016

The aesthetic ear- lessons in ear carving using exercises on the potato

The aesthetic ear 

         Ear width is about 55% of length
         The long axis of the ear is tilted posteriorly from the vertical axis of the face at an angle ranging from 2-30 degrees, with the ear more vertical
         The helical rim protrudes 1- 2 cm from the skull,with the projection increasing from superior to inferior
         Normal ear measurements: rim is 10-12 mm from the mastoid at the superior helix,16-18mm from the mastoid at the middle ear, and 20-22mm from the mastoid in the lower third
         (try to achieve this in the reconstucted

Ear carving sessions:

Trace the normal ear on a piece of x ray film
The template is made several mm smaller to accommodate for the thickness of skin
For symmetry: ear relationship to nose, lateral canthus and position of lobule, superior pole of opposite ear
* The cartilage is stacked in 2-3 layers(fig7);nylon sutures can also be used

Pic: using x ray tracings and practising on a sweet potato model

acknowledgements:lessons@  Chang Gung Craniofacal Centre Taipei 2006

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