Friday, April 15, 2016

The square jaw in aesthetic surgery

The square jaw is  caused by :

Posterior hyperostosis and lateral flaring of the mandibular anglle and Masseteric hypertrophy


About 20 mm is a safe and reasonable distance for  bone excision to avoid nerve injury

•Position of surgeon should be at the head end of 

the table to avoid fracture of the condyle and better 

control of the saw (Yu Ray Chen Taipei)

•Incn over the anterior edge of the ascending

 ramus and extended anteriorly to the level of the

 2nd mandibular molar along the oblique line of 

the mandible

 Expose the lower part of the mandilble 
 –ascending ramus,angle and posterior region of
 the body
  Burr the marks first and the use the oscillating

•Shave off projections/fine chisel for edges/side 

cutting burr for lateral flaring

•If a genioplasty is needed in the short lower 

face,use the bone as grafts to correct the facial imbalance

•Close incison and use closed suction drains for 1 day

•Post op cold compresses and antibiotics

–Allow liquids from day 1

acknowledgements for lesson: Chang Gung Craniofacial Centre Taipei 2006

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