Thursday, May 12, 2016

A look at cleft patterns in smile missions over the years

A look at cleft patterns in smile missions over the years-the initial challenge was to standardize primary procedures over 5-7 years, set up a reasonable referral programme, and spread the work across the entire nation over the next 5-6 years.

Early observations: First  observation on several hundred cleft children across the country to study cleft groups following an earlier 3 year preliminary launch of cleft work in one region for over 350 patients over three years from 1998-2000.

Fig: Phase 2 where different groups were studied  from 2003 March - July 2008 ,approx 300

The period from 2008 Sept- Dec 2009 included similar groups of cleft children,totalling  300 approx

Most of the children were from very poor backgrounds and needed to travel long distances to get to our charity units

A lot of team effort and sustainable planning involved,but overall, a good mission

The final phase included a steadier stream of cleft patients  along with Smile Train USA from Jan 2010- March 2015,  where an additional 1490 children were helped over the years,though interrupted rudely by internal wars and the catastrophic war of 2015 March when all services were abandoned

Pic: The years show us the effect violence and unrest has on smile missions in a volatile nation filled with guns and wars
1. 2010 -relatively peaceful with periods of sproradic violence ,numbers reasonable at over 300
2. 2011-Arab uprising and terrible violence-plunging numbers- below 200
3. 2012- Return of ceasefire and relative peace- over 350
4. 2013- Incidents of extreme violence and suicide attacks- plunging numbers -below 170
5. 2014- Peaceful first half of year due to increased security- over 400
6. 2015- Arab WAR in Yemen March 2015- Three month quiet period before war- 170 ops
7. April 2015-2016   All ABANDONED in catastrophic WAR

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