Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aesthetics of Inner Health -looking and feeling good inside out

The rules of engagement in the battle against poor health are quite simple- take adequate precautions on diet and exercise and stay away from smoking .

Regular Exercise ,even walking in a park or climbing a flight of stairs in a shopping mall regularly, increases your heart rate and protects your heart health. It has tangible benefits as compared to those without objective evidence like medidation and relaxation techniques in a sedentary lifestyle.

Untreated  high LDL levels  and continued cigarette smoking are bad signs and should be treated aggresively. Your chances of a coronary event are significantly decreased if these two are checked soon. Stopping smoking not only improves your overall skin color and tone but it also progressively reduces the risk of coronary heart disease from 50% to 90% within the first two years.
Once you LDL is treated and brought to normal levels,you will be safer.

Smoking makes your skin age much faster and causes a rough,unhealthy coloured, parched skin with many wrinkles.

Blood pressure checks  are important,keeping the levels below 140/90 mm Hg. Pre hypertensives ( near 140/90) can also start mild treatment with diet and salt restriction to ensure levels are healthy. This is easy to follow and has a load of benefits for your heart health.

And above all, a well balanced diet rich in fruit,nut and veg in small amounts

This is an acquired discipline and will vary from individual to individual

You decide, "I will" and persevere ;there are no short cuts. Diets do not work.Over 35% regain weight after stopping.

DIET RULE:Eat Less to live longer to eat more

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