Monday, May 9, 2016

Asian Aesthetic Malady-The Glutathione White Fairness Malady

White is not a measure of beauty and Asians gotta know this  when they crave for that white skin fix

Extremes and Overkill are always common in aesthetics and many crave fair and white,plus minus lovely

What a shame that people are "colordysmorphic" and want fair and white as a beauty definer

Glutathione is readily available in your diet

sources: garlic, curcumin,asparagus,avocado,spinach,,unprocessed meat

It is true it is a tyrosinase inhibitor and prevents melanin formation

But too much of everything is BAD

And there is NO Substantial Scientific Evidence that glutathione large dose, IV weekly is SAFE
Take care! Those peddling such claims do not have internationally recognized standards of scientific research accepted globally by major scientific institutions.

Changing your brown eumelanin to a white pheomelanin is no good

Pheomelanin may actually increase UV damage of the skin

So stay your skin type 3-or 6  using Lumina Gel

What matters is that you have good tone,texture, brightness and a youthful healthy skin

Color is not gonna make you beautiful.

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