Sunday, May 8, 2016

Burns Immediate Rx

Do not wait in burns emergencies

When you see a fire victim the most important is 100% oxygen to treat smoke inhalation and CO poisoning

1.Intubate immediately if: Stridor,hoarseness, wheezing, burns inside mouth or naso pharynx
LUNG INJURY=Immediate cause of death in Burns

2. Correct Volume Loss: depends on BSA

Ringer Lactate (or NS)
one half in first 8 hrs,  1/4 in next 8 hrs and 1/4 in next 8 hrs

Give 4ml/ each% BSA/ each Kg body weight

BSA: Head- 9% ,Arms 9% each, Legs -18% each, Chest and back 18% each

each hand width of patchy burn =1% BSA

Fluid replacement = 4ml into %BSA into wt in kg

Infection is the most common cause of death several days to weeks after burns because skin sloughs off and  there is massive loss of fluid and albumin with loss of protective barrier leading to infection with staphylococcus

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