Friday, May 27, 2016

Gentler techniques of lipocontouring

Useful tips on gentler techniques of lipocontouring ,safer way ,using finer suction needles 2-3 mm and dilute concentrations

Tumescent solution:

Ringer Lactate (no need of NaHCO3)  1000 ml with 1cc adrenaline(1: 1 million, very safe ) and below 35 mg/kg of lidocaine ( to avoid lidocaine toxicity may use 5cc to 10cc only of 2% lidocaine)
Mildly warm the solution first and then add the adrenaline so it does not get degraded
Use BP cuff infiltration
Superficial first then deeper

Wait 20 minutes and aspirate with fine cannulae, Vaser/smart ,tickle lipo  where there is very little bruising and low downtime post op. The machines are prohibitively expensive for most doctors practising  the art and require careful planning,good funding and a large client list.
The procedures are expensive.

In the past the procedures were traumatic and dangerous for the patient requiring larger contouring
In some countries ,the techniques are still outdated and  should not be encouraged ( using outdated cannulae and common OT suction machines-used by many plastic surgeons ; as a result the recovery time is painful and a bad experience for patients) 

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