Saturday, May 14, 2016

GLOW ,not COLOR -Lumina Gel 30% peel @ ALL SKIN TYPES

The Lumina gel peel 30% which is being used by clients across the USA , and  some cities in India has the following beneficial effects-

It does not make you turn WHITE but gives you a great GLOW..which is what folks long to SEE!

1. Cost effective facial rejuvenation ; 2 oz bottle which lasts for over one year with significant  rejuvenation and pigment removal/decreasing effects over several months of regular use

2. Collagen Stimulation and biosynthesis of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) which attract water into the cells and give the skin a plumping effect

3. Tyrosinase inhibiting effects  at concentrations  above 5% lactic acid means this peel is good for pigment;it also acts as a good skin moisturizer . Lactic acid decreases blemishes and fine lines as a result

4. The addition of vit C increases the collagen stimulating effects; vit E in the peel also has beneficial antioxidant effects

5. Kojic acid and alpha arbutin (berry extract) further lighten the skin and is good for age and sun spots

The peel is a superficial alpha hydroxy peel with no downtime and is also what I call an invisible peel because you do not see obvious peeling except for a after peel glow in 2-3 days time. It is easy to use  every ten days and all one needs post peel is good amounts of sunblock with SPF 30  because lactic acid sensitises your skin to the rays of the sun.

It is also very useful as a skin conditioning agent because it  exfoliates your dead skin cells,improving tone ,color and texture. Regular use of lumina peel  will also  protect your skin from unwanted post inflammatory inflammation and  pigmentation following more invasive procedures like lasers,IPL,deeper peels and dermabrasion.  It is also useful for post acne superficial scarring and PIH(post inflammatory pigmentation).

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