Friday, May 27, 2016

Poor man's petroleum jelly? The rough problem sole with flipflop soles

The most annoying problem we face with regular use of flip flops,or sandals are rough calloused feet which are not easy to treat when they become chronic and very hard.

Several methods have been tried with variable results.If the underlying problem is the flip flop or sandals, it would help to change to regular soft footwear instead,first of all as a preventive measure. Even if you soak and scrub your feet and abrade the foot,the callus will recur because you are still using flip flops and sandals.

The simplest method really is:

1. stop wearing those flip flops and exposing your soles to frequent trauma which make your soles rougher by the day

2. Soak your feet in warm water every night and gently remove the chunks of skin with a pumice stone

3. Apply a superficial peeling agent for half an hour Lumina Gel (lactic acid) 30% ( every week for a few months ) . Do not use on cracked heels.

4. After half an hour wash off the peel with cold water and while the foot is still damp,apply white petroleum jelly(vaseline) .This is the poor man's petroleum jelly,cheap and very effective.

5. Wear thick cotton socks and sleep.

6. Do this daily, and you will notice significant improvement .Your feet will be much smoother and softer.

pic: before and after of  rough soles treated by another clinic ( for demo purposes only)

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