Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PS : Meeting Urushiol in PI and PO

Clouseau and his aide are on a  pleasure trip  looking for adventure with Urushiol,a seemingly elusive beauty hiding somewhere in the wooded areas of Connecticut. Their search is futile even after a week and so they return to their HQ in the city.

 Later Clouseau complains of itching skin; there are numerous erythematous papules and vesicles on both limbs ,in linear array.
He enters a primary care clinic in Gotham city ."Mon Dieu,I am itching all over! Docteur,please do something."

Doc," Yo! Where on earth have you been?"

Clouseau: In les woods of CT looking for la belle Urushiol .Perhaps from Siberia or nearby. Le legend has it ,this is one elusive beauty hiding in your country under a false ID. I was told by some friends to look for  clues like PI,PS and PO. But I am not successful

Doc: You found the three, all right! You got PS, PI and PO . All three in one! And they got Urushiol,the itch you searchin' for. Urushiol is what we call here an allergen found in PI,PO and PS. For the time being, I suggest you take prednisone for the next 14-21 days! 

Clouseau: Mon Dieu! This is diabolique. Hmm..I smell a fourth in Gotham City zis November

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