Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dermnaseum of the skin with Lumina Gel 30%

As one gets older ,there are intrinsic and extrinsic changes that occur due to the ageing process.Over 80% of extrinsic changes are due to photo damage ,which manifest mostly as wrinkles and pigmented marks. Smoking aggravates these changes and make the skin quality worse.

The Dermnaseum of the skin includes some simple tips:

1. removal of those accumulated dead cells ,also known as exfoliation . I commonly use lactic acid 30% which is a great way to exfoliate dead cells through superficial peeling
also stimulates your dermal collagen

2. lightening with the help of chi 7 (

a great way to keep one's skin clear and healthy
regular maintenence of the skin  using this strict regime prevents the dreaded complications of PIH(post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) when one uses lasers.IPL or peelings later especially in FP skin types 4 ,5,6.

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