Thursday, June 2, 2016

Next on the list? Avatar Blue Peel(literally) and Captain Spocks Ears.

Not everyone comes up with regular greatest hits .Folks like Jimmy Buffet and Grant Geissman  became famous overnight with one hit tunes like  Margaritaville and Feel so good .The rest of the people keep on trying out different things but most of it just never seems to work.
For many years, medical personnel have been using platelet rich plasma in orthopedic medicine to improve tissue healing but the idea of PRPM did not really hit the limelight till someone like Kim Kardashian got her vampire lift for a thousand bucks! Now everyone is scrambling madly for this new-old wine in a brand new wine skin,selling for huge sums of money. The next on the list is not just the Dracula lift but Avatar Blue Peel(literally) and Captain Spocks Ears.
The problem with commercial aesthetic practice is that manufacturers and doctors alike take old ideas, re label them  and try sell them for big profits.I often meet plastic surgeons who tell me about their "novel techniques" which are not much more than what someone else used (often without recognition in those days) way back before the 2nd world war.

How is it that researchers in the United Kingdom show that PRPM does not necessarily have to have calcium chloride as the "one and only" matrix former, but that calcium gluconate in a low dose is a much safer alternative? In a higher dose calcium gluconate may be a skin irritant, but a low dose  is perfectly safe without side effects.
And then ,what about the centrifuges? There are so many out there in the market with self timers.Mostly everything comes from China  these days at  affordable prices. The sterile EDTA tubes used for collecting the blood and making PRP are easily available in most pharmacies. Researchers do not always agree about the time needed to spin the tubes and rotation speed per minute.What we then have is a reasonably good average where the results are acceptable.
The future of fillers is probably autologous PRPM and it does not cost a whole lot of money or expertise to make. The cost involved is mainly  in the treatment by a good aesthetic physician  and that is what the patient really pays for. A job well done deserves good returns and if a patient were to pay about 950 to a thousand five hundred dollars or more for  a PRPM session,the reason is because the doctor is highly skilled and does a good job rejuvenating the face . Good instruments,sophisticated fillers, or hi tech gadgets are not substitutes for aesthetic medicine experts. There are countless blotched jobs in Hollywood and other "aesthetic capitals",mostly by overzealous doctors .In some countries,aestheticians do the job of doctors and often make terrible mistakes.

An experienced and highly skilled aesthetic medicine consultant will never lose out in practice ,even if the initial start up is slow in some areas. Like my close friends always tell me.."..always do what you are best at...". It will always pay over time. Better than that one hit song which fades over time. And the risks are also much less. No need to look again for that lost shaker of salt..

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