Saturday, June 25, 2016

The New Era of Medical Missions- Knowledge Factor

Doctors in medical missions often get discouraged and do not READ much! As a result,many of them get left behind and later give up on their much needed specialty.
It is very difficult to get back into mainstream academia when one is left alone in the boondocks for years ,working under spartan conditions.

Thankfully,the world around us is kind to those of us who may have lost many years in academia as a result of involvement in medical missions to difficult regions.
It is hard to get the brain stimulated after a long gap,but determination always wins in the end. The first few months are usually filled with discouragement but over the next few months,the doctor who is determined to learn and move on is often very successful.

The advice is- GET STARTED and move on if you feel jaded and out of sync.

It really is not that difficult to revise all medical facts and up to date diagnoses if you are an older doctor. It will pay to read as much as you possible can and improve your KNOWLEDGE.

Here Comes the SUN.. Chilling out with me Smilemaker hybrid after reading over ten thousand medical pages of info  from premed to specializations...nothing else to do but play on!

Well, 24 years in the wild frontiers of  med missions is a long long time but looking back..I am glad I did it
Cast your bread upon the fact I know more today than I would have done elsewhere, and in the process , specialized in several fields. Thank God.  Amen.

People out there need you..sometimes, you as a doctor may be the difference between a patient and death. So read on and on..

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