Thursday, June 2, 2016

YO! went in for Botox..came out like the DEVIL

pic:the mephisto complication caused by a wrong injection of botox

"went in for botox at the clinic,
     came out looking like the devil" 
is a common complaint of some patients who have suffered this complication after botox.This is because older plastic surgery journals describe the sites prescribed for botox injection  in an inaccurate manner (like the V technique ),leading to this problem in patients and plastic surgeons alike.Some senior plastic surgeons have also had this complication in themselves because they followed the "journal recommendations". Thankfully, this problem is easily taken care of by a small amount of botox in the lateral hyperactive frontalis muscles which was missed in the injection.

One of the most important things that a patient should know about botox is that the doctor who gives this injection should be well trained in the latest techniques of administration. 
RULE: Never contract your muscles while the injection is being administered. The facial muscles in that area must be completely RELAXED. This will prevent undue complications.

Some doctors try to make more money by over diluting the prescribed does of botox.This is risky because the over diluted medicine will diffuse into surrounding tissue and cause unwanted effects and problems.

Drooping of the brow is a complication caused by injecting the botox in a wrong way without referring to the specific landmark on the forehead and going too low down into the brow region. Thankfully,a drug called iopidine eye drops three times a day cures the problem. Some countries may not have this medicine. The effect will wear off after 4 months or so.

Bruising is not common these days because the needles used are very fine and the patient may not even experience discomfort if the injection is carefully administered. Do not massage the area injected.

More specific uses of botox for the face and neck,excessive sweating of the armpits,ugly calves,scar treatment,gummy smile correction,sad face correction,lower eye injection, face sculpting  in combination with filers ,require a doctor who has had this advanced training at a reputable,internationally recognized speciality.  

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