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Lesson on PRP and it's efficacy in Aesthetic Medicine

Lesson on PRP and it's efficacy in aesthetic medicine:

Platelet rich plasma which is rich in growth factors ,useful for restoring damaged tissues
( PDGF,TGFB,IGF,RGF,VEFG) is prepared from the patient's own blood and is gaining popularity in plastic and aesthetic surgery.Platelet rich plasma is separated from the  red blood cells by centrifugation (8ml with Regenlab kit ,centrifuged for 5 minutes  at 3000 rpm) and the cell suspension used either alone for wound healing,skin rejuvenation,filler or in combination with fat as a filler.Autlogous fat is considered one of the best natural fillers and is used commonly in plastic surgery. The fat tissue is an abundant source of  stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells),preadipocytes,endothelial cells, which can survive and integrate into host tissue and screte growth factors(VGF  vascular growth factor, PDGF platelet derived growth factor etc).

fig: PRP prep using Regenlab kit (tube costs about $50)

The PRP- purifed fat  used for filling the lips,naso labial folds or soft tissue defects is 20% PRP to 80% fat. For skin rejuvenation,superficial scars correction and under eyes approx 50% PRP may be required for better results.

The advantages of autologous tissue fillers is the relative ease with which it can be prepared, low cost,bio compatible with good long term results.  One of the main advantages of this type of filler is the  easy availability and absence of major side effects using the technique.

As a result it is becoming more and more popular in many centres.
PRP has rejuvenation properties and also has a booster effect on fat grafts.*1

read: Improvement of fat grafting with PRP Ali M  AJAM 2012 issue 2: 38-43

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