Friday, September 30, 2016

Million de roses of golden streets

Land of golden streets

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I wrote this song a few days ago.
You can sing it to the tune of a million roses (French below)

There is a land beyond yonder
Where streets are filled with gold and
Mansions made for us and filled with roses    
B7                             Em
All free, for you and me        

Our lonely hearts will find true refuge
If we let Jesus  in today      
His world is what we need to see
Where there's no fear and we are

Chorus :
Em                                        Am

It's a gift , it's a gift,it's a gift for us today    
Take it now ,take it now and know His

Sung to the tune of a million roses

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Knowing your skin type when you use peels and lasers

Important to know your skin type and the way it reacts to the sun before you use peels and lasers for your face.
Smilemakernyc skin care products are suitable for all skin types and for both sexes.There are no side effects of our skin care line.

The commonly used  classification for skin types is the Fitz Patrick sun reactive skin type :

Type 1:  Blonde blue eyed,white     always burns in the sun,never tans

Type 2: brunette or red haired, white   usually burns in the sun, tans with difficulty

Type 3 : white ,may be a fair Asian , sometimes mild burn ,average tan .This group is at great risk for post peel or laser pigmentation because  even if the person is fair,the reaction of melanin can be severe and cause problems post deep peel or laser

Type 4: moderate brown,rarely burns,but tans easily.  Type 3 and  4 need regular skin conditioning to prevent scars and hyperpigmentation. Take care

Type 5  dark brown,very rarely burns but tans very easily .At high risk for scars and hyperpigentation
Always skin condition first before any procedure.

Type 6 black  ,no burn ,always tans.very high rish for keloids,scars and pigmentation problems including the dreaded ochronosis following  skin lightener hydroquinone which ,instead of lightening the skin causes it to turn purplish blue,known as ochronosis

Bona Lotha
Board Certified
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Miami Fla

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Looking good ,feeling good @ Lumina Gel Peel

Lumina Gel has a great advantage for facial rejuvenation

It is effective ,safe and shows great results on all our clients who have used it regularly for the last year since we launched it in New York City.

Lumina Gel Peel :

1. Exfoliates the dead cells from your skin
2. removes fine lines and fine scars
3.evens out your skin surface ,exp in acne scarring
4.improves photo damaged skin significantly
5. lightens skin pigment and lightens superficial melesma
6. stimulates your collagen and also plumps your skin via glycosaminiglycan synthesis

Overall, you look more youthful with a beautifully toned skin that has a fine and smooth texture.

The church and plastic surgery missions to underprivileged patients

Over the years, the church has played a huge role in providing humanitarian plastic surgery services to underprivileged patients who would otherwise never have a chance to receive expensive plastic surgical treatment for free.

I have had the privilege to serve the church over 24 years in medical missions and have been greatly blessed to see so many plastic surgery patients live normal lives again.

The plastic surgery mission continues in different ways and many more are blessed. God always uses what you have done before in His name. I am glad I made the decision to serve in this area of medical work.

Most of the plastic surgery patients who need help in developing nations are people from poor rural backgrounds for whom the speciality is unheard of or impossible to afford.

Cast your bread upon the waters in Jesus name. Amen.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Missions 2016

She was  a young Yemeni Arab girl who had several previous operations for her cleft lip and nose deformities without much success. We met her at two of our parish camps in the city of Aden.  Secondary corrections were done and a silicon nasal implant used for the bad nasal deformity.
Thankfully,the procedures made her look a lot better.

One day she came to see us ,hearing that we were at the Christ Church clinic in Aden to conduct some operations for deformed people. Her attitude had changed . No longer was she withdrawn and ashamed to show her face .

The picture above is an oil painting  she had made for us to say thank you for all that you have done.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Say a prayer for Arabia- loss of HOPE

Sometimes all you need in LIFE is LOVE and live better that way

Say a prayer for Arabia-the signs are getting worse by the hour

As for medical infrastructure..look at the collapse in Yemen and Syria ,Libya, Iraq... and it is spreading