Thursday, October 27, 2016

MAPS..legacy of a mother who prayed

She was a beautiful lady at 87. Mom was a Naga Indian, born in a village called Pangti near the river Doyang, Nagaland in the year 1931.
She was illiterate and married at a young age. When dad died in 1978 of cancer, she singlehandedly looked after all of us children.

During that time she also adopted a young Tibetan boy who is very much one of us; he lives in New York City now. He keeps a picture of mom in his living room.

Because of mom's prayers day and night, all of us had blessed lives and careers.
Later, in 2016 October she passed away peacefully after a stroke.

She always longed to see her son in New York City , and here she is forever with him in spirit . Beyond the sea..that's where we'll meet one day beyond that shore..A song I played for her this year as she was suffering from Alzheimers but could still remember us and her son in New York City .

But her legacy of love and prayers lives on.

MAPS is a continuation of that legacy.Mission Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a
Non profit charitable service I run for underprivileged cleft kids and plastic surgery patients in developing regions;some trainings in clefts and plastic procedures are offered to mission surgeons in India and elsewhere.

It is part of our mission endeavour through our small aesthetic LLC called in New York City .

Thank you mom for making us who we are today. We pray we will be able to carry on your legacy of love  and prayers.

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