Friday, January 27, 2017

Back to the basics: start with a standardized case history sheet for plastic surgery missions

One of the observations that I made during my trips to several primary care mission hospitals is the woefully inadequate, or even absence of, proper case histories for seemingly common ailments. As a result, there have been several hiccups in patient management, including some near total disasters in the OR.

Some of us who have a surgical background will probably be aware of the high incidence of post operative complications following appendix removal for suspected appendicitis . The real culprit is often not the appendix, but a perforated duodenal ulcer mimicking appendicitis. This is commonly known as  Valentino's syndrome, named after the actor Rudolf Valentino who died after a missed diagnosis and incorrect operation in 1926 at a New York City hospital.

Missing a diagnosis is most commonly seen after a careless history by doctors, ignorance, or the complete absence of the patient case history. If we were to round up the usual suspects in a morbidity or mortality session, you can be sure it will be one of these suspects.

A surgical procedure may be relatively simple in experienced hands, but unless one cultivates the habit of carefully screening all patients thoroughly before any procedure, mistakes are bound to occur . You might be requested to help a doctor to perform a routine procedure in the OR, only to find out before the operation that the patient has a thyroid storm on the table when anesthesia is given;the history/clinical examination was not done even though the patient's diagnosis was actually staring at you in the face as Grave's(hyperthyroid) disease!

The list goes on and on , and mistakes are often repeated  at such centres where no concrete steps are being taken to check such imbalances.

Better safe than sorry. Make it a habit to carefully screen all medical and surgical patients before any minor or major procedure.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Making that new kid in town..smiles for cleft children of Nagaland ,NE India and beyond

Here is a solo improvisation I made for smile support

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Raised so far for Smile Train cleft children : Tibet Smile Outreach 2014: $1290
NAM outreach 2017:$300

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Thanks for your visit;I am a smile busker.
Help make it happen by giving cleft children all your support...change lives; make that new kid in town!

More information about the Christian Referral Hospital is available at this link: We also provide free surgeries in Uttarakhand, for children from the local community as well as those who travel in from Bihar, Nepal, and Tibet.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

17 years later! but still going strong in aesthetic plastic missions

It is not everyday that one comes across a world famous aesthetic plastic surgery guru who offers so much of his time to medical missions.
Many years ago I had the privilege of meeting a true maestro of the art of plastic and aesthetic surgery at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital,
Today , after many years  in medical mission outreach we are still going strong,reaching to those who really need our help.
17 years is a long line time to be doing this sort of outreach,but we are glad that God gives us a chance to bless those who need help.

Use the opportunity that God gives you to bless those who need you!


FULL SMILES? Smile and smiles to go 2017

We have smile and smiles to go! There are so many underprivileged plastic surgery patients who live with their deformities for years .

Full smiles are a result of functional and state of the art aesthetic correction to bring the cleft children back to almost normal or better than normal.

Please visit the fundraiser for NAM outreach cleft children.

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