Monday, February 27, 2017

Needs@medical mission hospital India

Thank you all so much for your kind actions and words.Get on board and support the mission.
The first batch of much needed plastic and other instruments has been donated by a dear Indian friend. They should reach the hospital soon.
The Uttarakhand Himalayan region has plenty of medical needs and most poor patients have been left out of mainstream India's medical progress.Make it happen for the patients who need our help.

Please remember some of the needs@mission hospital

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Back to smilemaking then after a period of quiet

Going for a song..that is how we started an incredible smile lip and palate mission and aesthetic recon outreach with  Her Majesty's Ambassadors in Arabia Felix almost 12 years ago!
Her Majesty's Ambassador Arabia Felix 2003 Frances M Guy @ Brit Pub

HMA Mike and Trish Gifford UK Embassy Arabia Felix

Tony Moss Craniofacial, St. George's London

Nigel Mercer Frenchay,President Britsh Association of Plastic Surgery
John Mulliken Craniofacial,Childrens Boston Harvard
Total France E&P, Norway DNO A&S and UK Residence Sana Arabia Felix 2006 

Smile Train 41 Madison Ave NYC

Mount Elizabeth Singapore, Yeap Plastic 
Philip Chen Chang Gung Taipei Craniofacial

The needs of cleft lip and palate children in Asia are huge and one would need lots of manpower and planning to meet the demands.
As an aesthetic recon plastic person, my first love has always been in this field ,although medical missions in smaller mission hospitals requires  a multitasker doctor who can cover several specialties.

But then,one has gotta move on to one's own sub speciality sooner or later. There are lots of cleft children waiting for corrective aesthetic plastic surgery and  we are in the process of launching a mega smileathon for the cleft children very soon across different mission hospitals.
Most of the work will be in training and imparting aesthetic cleft techniques to mission surgeons and other doctors.

Well, we started our small endeavour many years ago with one of my favorite riffs on " Sweet Home Chicago"..this time it is back ,plus the bass improvisations!
enjoy , and do support the cleft children who need to SMILE again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Take it to the patients- Lending your support for medical missions

Medical missions is all about underprivileged patients who need help and support for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
You could do your bit by volunteering your time and expertise for those who may never have the opportunity to get medical help.
The year 2017 is about taking much needed medical care to those to need it most.

Mission hospitals play an important role in medical outreach and mission doctors may be the only ones between the patients and death.

There are many needs in such centres and some of the pressings needs are:

1. suction units in the OR
2. oxygen pulse monitors
3. general operating instruments for the OR
4. sutures, and suture sets for ER rooms
5. laryngoscopes and other anesthesia items
6. headlights for OR rooms
7. medical gowns, and other essential med items

I have been doing some needs assessments in mission hospitals and these are some of the needs where folks could help.

So then, it might not be raining in your zone right now, but do consider lending a helping hand whenever you can! Thanks.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Support medical mission hospital North India

At present ,  @ mission hospital, India and will do some aesthetic work as well,to raise some much needed support for equipment and the work in rural areas surrounding the hospital.

Needs @ Christian mission hospital, N India
1Thanks to all for supporting the mission: all 47 operating instruments have arrived!