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AESTHETIC SKIN PEEL and care : basic training and safety

Lessons in aesthetic skin conditioning : Ongoing hands on training sessions in Aesthetic Medcare

What is skin conditioning?

Pic: skin layers
       The skin renews itself every 20 days in those between 15-20 years of age
       From the age of 30 onwards, the process is slower ,skin renewal taking place every 12 weeks :“ the sebaceous or oil producing glands become less active leading to dry skin”
       Skin conditioning is a process by which you remove the  dead cells on the surface of your skin by a method known as exfoliation
       You should condition your skin for  6 weeks before any deeper peel or laser

Result of skin conditioning
       Your skin will be clearer,and more youthful – the skin will also heal faster
       If you neglect skin conditioning,your skin will look dry,dull since dead cells accumulate on your skin
       80% of skin damage is caused by UV rays,so protect your skin from the suns rays by using sunblock,umbrellas,hats

Common regime for skin conditioning
       Microcrystal  palmabrasion using aluminium oxide microcrystals to scrub and exfoliate dead skin
       Lactic acid peel with skin lighteners
       Kojic acid application to lighten spots and pigment
       Important: use sunblock SPF 30 daily to protect your skin from getting pigmented and darker ;at 30 SPF –sunblock will be 91 % effective in blocking the UV rays A and B- any SPF above this will still be 91 % effective and you will only pay more money
       Add a little liquid soap and water to a bit of microcrystal;Scrub face gently for 2-3 minutes
       Wash and apply lactic acid peel 4-5 drops,using your finger, but avoid the eyes
       Wash face with cold water after 1.5 to 2 minutes
       Apply moisturizer   Use sunblock daily SPF 30
       After peeling, use kojic acid skin lightener every night
       Apply a small amount of the liquid kojic acid on your face and leave on for the night
       Wash your face in the morning and use sunblock
       This will lighten  your skin pigment and fine wrinkles will decrease

What is the value of skin conditioning  ?
       You can improve the colour and tone of the skin
       Make it clearer and  more youthful
       You can correct bad acne scars and pigments like melesma and correct sun damage and also remove fine wrinkles
Melesma wil take several months to get lighter ; if your pigmentation is superficial it will get lighter faster.If it is deeper it will take longer to lighten.
Note that your skin melisma can return even after several months or years after it gets lighter.
So use this skin pigment lightening treatment regularly. It is not harmful to your skin or body.

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