Friday, April 28, 2017

Facial aesthetic surgery: Variations on eye sculpting and challenges of the Asian eye

One of my favourite areas of facial sculpting is in designing the Asian eyelid.
Asian double eyelid surgery can be a very challenging surgery even for experienced facial aesthetic plastic surgeons because of the different presentations.

Some of the complicated questions one has to deal with are:

1. How much fat sculpting is needed in creating that well defined upper neo sulcus ,so that the new eye does not look hollow after a few years?

2. How does one maintain that non Caucasian look in a neo eyelid?

One important observation I have made over the years,  is the common, large amounts of pre septal fat in Asians.
To create a reasonable acceptable sulcus, I  usually trim off excess fat and also reduce the fat pads after opening the septum and adjusting the tarsal plate to levator fixation sutures.
This leads to a pleasant appearance post operatively for all the patients.
Note the excess pre septal fat deposits in most Asian eyelids.

The hands on demos are done at our demo clinics only.

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