Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is the USA now waking up to reality in the Gulf and the Yemen Humanitarian Catastrophe?

One wonders if the US is finally beginning to see things from a totally different perspective.
As a plastic surgeon who has served in friendly Yemen for over 17 years, I was distressed when the country was reduced to rubble by the very folks who should be reaching out to the poor and marginalized of society.

Reading today's CNN report makes me wonder if things are going to change for the better for Yemen.
Will America assert itself powerfully  to save Yemen from a man made famine and total disaster, which will spread to the rest of the gulf nations soon?
The medical infrastructure of the nation has been totally devastated and people are dying of  curable diseases,or diseases that were almost forgotten.

Much as some may try, affluent Qatar will not go the way of Yemen since it has very powerful connections. And lots of money power.  The ball is in their court for now,because the powerful US cannot fight itself.
What a strange coincidence that the poorest and the richest Arab nations are in the same boat now, when it comes to ostracization and humiliation in a capricious region, where  change happens overnight, and even the poor camels are not spared.

It is time to forget diferences, war and hatred,and instead take up the mammoth task of rebuilding the devastated health infrastructure of Yemen so that people can lead normal lives once again.

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