Monday, August 21, 2017

Global Plastic Surgery Outreach Missions : some useful workhorse MC Flaps one can use for coverage of defects

Some time tested MC flaps,the workhorses of good reconstructive surgery in different situations.

The techniques can be modified over time , as one gains more experience.
Some of my favorite ones are:
a. PM flap
b. LD flap
c. M Gastrocnemius flap
d. Reverse LD and PM
e.turn over flaps using segmental perforators
f. bilateral LD advancement flaps for large defects of spine
j. trapezius

All these flaps are well supplied with a major vessel and have several mc perforators and branches;therefore,the viability is usually very good.

I have found these flaps to be very useful for reconstruction of major defects.

pic:medial gastrocnemius flap for large anterior tibia defect following trauma

The techniques are best learnt in hands on training sessions in the OR. To know how to execute these flaps,join OR teaching sessions with specialists experienced in the techniques.

MC flaps: illustrations and arc of rotation,coverage of head and neck,chest,limb defects ( ref: Clinical applications for muscle and MC flaps- Mathes.Foad Nahai ,Mosby)

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