Wednesday, January 31, 2018

In Aesthetic Plastic Surgery- Remember the 1-3-5 if you are planning on smiles!

Always like to tell my trainees that you gotta get your 1-3-5 right before venturing into the smile making world. A lot of my aesthetic work revolves around a user friendly pivot point. It works well for most common cases. If you a music buff and like to listen to the classical heroes, listen to some of Tarrega and Bach. The pieces are easy to understand and sound great.
Plastic surgeons should focus more on accurate and simple interventions and save themselves a whole world of  trouble trying to demonstrate heroic feats of expertise, only to land on one's butts,sooner than later. Many of the exotic techniques described were mere fads or flights of fancy,and cause more distress than good.The botched job syndrome serves as a good reminder not to tread where even angels fear to tread.
I am always in favour of innovations that have stood the test of time,like Millard or Mohler techniques that have been modified time and again by many plastic surgeons.None of us can claim to have created a design ,because most of the best techniques were already made long before any of us were born! Think of the Rose method which most use with a slight curve modification and  z plasty.

Some inaccurate modifications would probably be the Black technique of bilateral lip repair which incorrectly uses  the central lip flap which all of us have learnt to discard,since it causes the proverbial whistle deformity.

Enjoy plastic surgery,but remember we guys are only trying to fill in the shoes of great pioneers and maestros. I,for one,prefer the simple things in life these days. Sleep is precious and one's heartstrings cant be allowed to stretch too often.

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